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Musically Speaking!

- Where I Have Been -

- Where I Am Going -

- And How I Might Help -


On this musical adventure, I have had many great experiences on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, acoustic upright bass, electric bass, drums, hand percussion, saxophones (tenor, alto & soprano), keyboards, vocals, and now (most recently) jazz trumpet! 


With each instrument, something new and valuable has been learned about building a greater-and-greater musical foundation, and the same can be said about each student that I have enjoyed the great fortune of working with over a period of 'almost 25 years' of teaching!  Just imagine if I could go back in time and share all that I have learned with that 'practically clueless' nineteen-year-old version of myself just as I was getting started.  Knowing how to 'aim straight for the target' would have saved so much time and energy! :)

Below, for reference, is a sample of some improvised rock guitar playing that I did on a cover of

'Voodoo Child' by Jimi Hendrix.

Next, is a 'Blues & Rock Guitar' Sampler! 

I played bass, improvised lead guitar, rhythm guitar, organ, and acoustic guitar on the various tracks in a effort to represent a variety different different 'playing styles' within the context of blues and blues-rock.  Relatively speaking, blues and rock provide simple-and-easy modes of play that are both great vehicles for learning to build a good-and-solid musical foundation.


After Years Of Playing Blues and Rock Guitar, my brain has now become hungry and ready to explore a new 'rhythmic, tonal and melodic' palette of color.  Enter the world of jazz.  Through the years I have dabbled in jazz and now it has finally become the perfect time to bring this part of my musical adventure to the forefront.


So, with exciting jazz adventures now in mind - along with a recent breakthrough that finally makes jazz much easier to learn and understand - I find myself having a great time with new explorations of Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano, and Guitar!

Stay Tuned For More!

So, How Might I Help You 'Achieve Your Goals'?

One thing that this musical adventure has taught me, so far, is to be 'patient and creative' with the entire process  learning.  With a self-given license to be 'patient and creative', the entire learning experience simply becomes 'much more fun' and 'much more rewarding'. 


This is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves and give to others.  Now, combine this sense of being 'patient and creative' with our ability to 'really hit the target' with each practice session and the act of 'building our musical foundation' begins to produce the kind of self-powered musical momentum that we have always wanted to experience.  


Join me in a group or one-on-one session and we will have fun working together to build 'your musical foundation' and enjoy building

'your musical momentum'! 


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