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Music Lessons: Online & In Person! 


Building & Repairing Foundations With Beginner & Intermediate Level Players Is My Specialty!


Plus, I Host Beginner-Friendly 'Live Music Jams',

And More!


Jamming On The Acoustic!

I Am Currently Building A Fun Jazz Program For Beginners!


Click Here For 'Free Practice Etudes' w/ 'Free Sheet Music'!

Jamming On The Electric Guitar!

'Locals' To The 732 Area Code!

Enjoy Beginner-Friendly Lessons For:

Piano, Guitar!

Plus, I Host Small Group Music Jams That Are Geared Perfectly For 'Beginner & Intermediate' Level Players!


Guitar Players - Group Lessons Online!

Join Us Live & Online To Try Our Weekly - Small Group - Classes!  This Is A Great Option For 'Beginner Through Intermediate Level' Players!


Our Blues Class

In each session we focus upon blues licks, phrases and concepts that work to establish and enhance your musical skills for better playing, improv and



This is an ongoing, 'drop in anytime', foundation-building class that is great for building your musical foundation and for clearing common obstacles! 



Take 'One-On-One' Lessons Online!  

Many players prefer to receive a personalized assessment of their needs and then work together, one-on-one, to build a proper musical foundation, and do so comfortably at their own pace. One-on-one lessons provide a great way opportunity for us to customize our approach and achieve full potential!


Just Let Me Know Which Option Is

Going To Be Best For You!

Musically, In The Past...


In the past, I have invested very enjoyable musical time on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, acoustic upright bass, electric bass, drums, hand percussion, saxophones (tenor, alto & soprano), keyboards, vocals, and on trumpet! 


Each new instrument, I have found, tends to bring something new and valuable to the whole! 

As far as teaching goes, my current focus is upon teaching for acoustic and electric guitar as well as piano / keyboard.

Feel free to let me know how I can help you enjoy life even more with music!

Looking For The Member Site?

Click Here! 

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Thank You For Visiting!


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