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Music Lessons: Online & In Person! 


Building Musical Foundations With Beginner & Intermediate Level Players Is My Specialty!


Greetings! My name is Nate Fegan and I teach Piano Lessons for Beginners in Fair Haven, NJ!

I have been teaching music since 1997 and have been living and teaching music in Fair Haven since 2007.  My wife, Andreea Fegan, teaches Classical & Advanced Piano. Along the way, I have also worked as a professional guitarist and have taught lessons for guitar.

And, If You Happen To Be Interested In Jazz...

Check out my lessons for 'Playing Jazz w/ A Blues Scale Approach'!  Click Here to Learn More and to Check Out Free Sheet Music / Jazz Guitar Tab!

When I am not teaching, you'll probably find me cruising around the area on my bike! :)


Thank You For Visiting!


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