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About Nate

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  Nate has been working as a musician and an educator for nearly twenty-five years.  In the world of music, he now teaches 'group and private lessons', online and in-person, for guitar, bass and piano / keyboards.


Nate grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and went on to lead his own blues band and other ensembles, performing primarily in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  One musical project that he fronted led to a string of live performances at the Pennsylvania Governor's Mansion.  Along the way, he has taught guitar music in a number of venues including Harrisburg Area Community College, Brookdale Community College, and the Count Basie Performing Arts Academy.  In addition to performing and teaching, Nate has also organized and facilitated a number of local blues jams, first at a club named 'The Marysville Inn', then another at a historic speakeasy named 'Murphy's Tavern', and now at his own private music studio where he hosts a smaller 'scaled-down' blues jam for those who seek to experience something closer to an actual band rehearsal.  Many locals will remember a great blues jam that we had along the way at Cliff's bike shop, named Bike Haven - thank you, Cliff!

Through teaching and performing, Nate has had the great fortune to meet and interact with 'many great people', 'many great parents', and 'many great families'.  A small sliver of those people are musicians who had worked with big names such as Ella Fitzgerald, Horace Silver, Sammy Davis Junior, Bob Hope, and more. Others were great musicians (and supporting friends) who were also just 'great people to be around' as we were performing 'three-to-five nights a week' in a regional set of venues.  And the majority of those great people are made up of students, jammers, parents, and families that, all combined, make up the 'very much enjoyed adventure' that is daily life as a musician and teacher.  Nate often has the pleasure of hearing personal stories that come from each student's unique background, including: stories from Military Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Truck Drivers, a Lung Surgeon, an Eye Surgeon, other Medical Professionals (Including Nurses and Doctors), a Janitor, Computer Software Engineers, a variety of Business Owners, Contractors, Consultants, an Accountant, Retail Specialists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Flight Attendants, an Architect, a former Actress / Motorcycle Stunt Rider,  Construction Site Managers, a Railroad Engineer, a variety of Sales Reps, a Cobbler, a Statistician, Electrical Engineers, Massage Therapists, Chefs, Professional Musicians, Educators, CEO's, CFO's, Journalists, a Pizza Delivery Person, Wall Street Traders, a Plumber, Electricians, a University Athletic Director, a Property Inspector, Retirees, a former Hair Stylist, Interesting Story Tellers Who Never Disclosed Their Occupation, Those Who Told 'No Personal Stories' And Who Focused Upon Learning, a Dog Trainer, a Private Investigator, College Students, Hard Working Parents, Kids (who always have interesting stories to tell), and the great list goes on and on!

Musically speaking, Nate has worked with many students who hold interests in a wide variety of musical styles, from folk to heavy metal, and it's always a truly great adventure together!  He is truly thankful! 

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