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Nate's Full-Potential Project!

Updated: Jan 12

Important Warning! This writing is designed to be hypnotic! The good news is that the persistent reader is going to benefit greatly from learning powerful lessons on more than one level in the brain. The bad news, if there is any, is that the reader's conscious mind may need to persevere through some short sections of text that are designed speak 'more directly' and 'more powerfully' to the brain's much deeper and therefore much more capable [of making change] levels.

The readers job, with that said, is simply to read through all of the words in each section, regardless of how much they 'do' or 'do not yet' make sense consciously, and then simply let the brain 'process and digest' over the next few hours, days and /or weeks until greater feelings really do begin to emerge. Once the reader discovers that this unique formula really is working, they can simply come back over-and-over to read and re-read more-and-more along this more-and-more exciting road to experience, deeper-and-deeper now, the absolute greatest levels of 'happiness, success and much more' that life has to offer! :)


Now, let's get started, and build some great momentum together! :)


1) Happiness & Enjoyment :)

How many greater-and-greater forms of 'happiness and enjoyment' are we going to 'choose to experience' today? We are likely to lose count... And this is true simply because many forms of personal happiness and enjoyment - once 'invited, allowed and embraced' - are going to arrive in the form of many pleasant surprises to be enjoyed throughout each and every day, whether we know-it and celebrate-it or not. In this greater-and-greater way, and as long as we make the 'clear decision' to keep positive narratives in mind, we are going to experience countless-and-countless forms of true happiness and enjoyment throughout each and every greater-and-greater day, starting now even-more-than-ever-before! :)

2) The 'Greatness-Of-Greatness' Itself :)

Right now, we are all on the greater-&-greater path to 'grow forward and experience' the 'greatness-of-greatness itself' whether we make a clear decision each day to feel, grow, appreciate, embrace, and enjoy celebrating this part of our 'bigger-and-greater-than-human' experience or not! :)

3) Formula To Achieve True 'Happiness & Success' :)

Once we begin to form Positive Narratives about 'past, present and future' elements of our lives, we then - simply by natural design - begin to experience Positive Attitudes about the 'past, present and greatly-imagined future'. This leads us, just as naturally, to generate more-and-more Positive Intentions which then propels us even further to produce-experience-and-enjoy more-and-more Positive Actions in life. Ultimately, this natural approach to actively 'generate positive actions' in life has great power to create the True Happiness and create the True Success that we all truly want! And we really can enjoy doing this even now within this very moment!

4) A Great Way To Start Your Positive Narrative :)

'Completely Safe, Happy, Healthy, Adventurous, and Appreciating' more-and-more Now with each Loving step forward 'Deeper-and-Deeper Into Mastery' until 'Experiencing Mastery Of Mastery Itself' Becomes Our Only Experience. :)

5) Keep The Adventure Going :)

We are never too old to do what makes life worth living - be true to your self and go for greatness! :)

6) One Happy Equation :)

Enjoyment In Life = (Appreciation) minus (Resistance). Together, we can now choose to exercise this great formula and be truly fit for life! :)

7) A 'Powerful Intention' To 'Grow Your Narrative' :)

Let us push the darkness of evil, ignorance, insanity, malfeasance, incompetence, dishonesty, and violence far-far-far-far-far from us all and into recyclable realms where it can all be recycled beautifully-and-completely in ways that now make the 'earth, world, universe and well-beyond' an infinitely greater-and-greater place to live, love, learn, and prosper. :)

8) More 'Powerful Intentions' To 'Grow Your Narrative' :)

Please let us be Guided, guiding, Inspired, inspiring, Motivated, motivating, Loving, loved, Protecting, protected, Respectful, respected, Forgiving, forgiven, Beautiful, Kind, Honest, Clean, Loving, Youthful, Energetic, Warm-Spirited, Truly-Adventurous, and Much-Greater-Than-Just-Human, Warriorful and Masterful on our way to embrace the Ultimate-Sense-Of-Freedom that comes right along now with creating-and-experiencing mastery-of-mastery itself! Let us enjoy doing this right now and let the celebration begin!

9) Something Great To Think-Say-&-Do Each Morning :)

'Good morning, let's enjoy making this a greater-and-greater day.' :)

10) A Short Meditation :)

Let us clear our minds the way a wet sponge makes perfectly clean-and-clear a schoolhouse chalkboard...

Let us clear our minds the way a drinking-glass can be refreshed and re-filled with clean-and-clear water...

Let us clear our minds the way clouds part to reveal clean-and-clear blue sky for miles and miles, and miles....

Let us clean our minds and clear our bodies with comfortable and relaxed breathing now… and rest deeply within peacefulness, comfort, joy, and now deeper... and deeper... and deeper relaxation. :)

11) The Best Way To 'Finally Grow Up' :)

What are some ‘joyful, fun and adventurous’ things that we did in childhood, things that we really can do today, maybe even right now, to have those ‘joyful, fun and adventurous’ feelings once again, no matter how ‘simple, silly and foolish’ we might think - at first - doing so is going to be? And can we learn now to enjoy doing such ‘simple, silly and foolish’ things more-and-more each day until finally ‘joyfulness, fun and adventurousness’ in life have become fully restored? Just how creative, joyful, fun, and adventurous (each day) are we going to be? I guess the simple answer is 'just how much do we want to now enjoy being creative, joyful, fun, and adventurous, each day? And, we can simply have fun taking positive action now to answer this questions fully and completely! :)

12) The 'Big Bang' :)

Being 'happy, successful, creative, adventurous, and in love-with-life' begins (even-more-so) the moment we decide-and-take-action now to create-and-maintain a 'happy, successful, creative, adventurous, and in-love-with-life' narrative deep within the heart-&-soul of our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual body. :)

13) Our Great Opportunity :)

'Imagination' is the 'language of the brain', and our job is to use this language in constructive ways to actively create-and-maintain true greatness in our lives, inside and out! :)

14) Let Us Choose Wisely :)

Option One: In life there are those who are constantly complaining. This often leads them to the creation and discovery of just more-and-more to complain about – and, this often leads them right back into the darkest realms of dishonesty and pure-lack-of-joy in order to maintain their "craft".

Option Two: And, in life there are those who instead aim constantly to appreciate and enjoy. This powerful option leads a growing person, instead, to create and discover more-and-more reasons to love life – and, it inspires a deeply adventurous momentum that grows naturally toward greater-and-greater honesty, clarity and toward the near-magical generation of more-and-more 'solutions in life' (instead of problems) that we all need!


Now’ is always our clear-and-powerful opportunity to go ahead, create and recreate something greater-and-greater in life for all to benefit and enjoy. :)

15) One Of Life's Greatest Investments :)

Energy that could have been given to harsh-and-negative judgment of others, deserved or not, would have been pure energy taken away from the now much more ‘beautiful-and-masterful’ ‘forgiveness-of-self’ that we all need in order to, instead, simply enjoy having, growing and maintaining our own peaceful-and-productive feelings of happiness, adventurousness and true love-for-life! :)

16) Deeply Meditative Rest :)

If we want to experience something ‘even greater than humanness’, then we might invest wisely in a refreshing moment each day when we simply ‘stop-and-drop all human concerns’ long enough to then-instead ‘enjoy true freedom within’ that comes exactly in the moments when we send all human concerns into a deeply-meditative-rest… and we can do this even now to enjoy, even more thoroughly, the relaxing pleasure of this very moment. :)

17) It Is Just A Matter Of Time :)

In life, once we have been discriminated against 'enough times' simply for not being 'in alignment' with those who are, by choice, on the destructive path of perpetual unhappiness, we are then going to 'have all we need' to, instead, disengage and take, with full-license and simply 'no other choice', our own unique-and-positive pathways forward in order to then ‘go and grow’ beautifully-and-happily into infinitely greater-and-greater realms that are now ready to be discovered 'in this world' and are now ready to be discovered 'in beautiful worlds well-beyond! :)

18) Personal Freedom :)

For those of us who want to experience more-and-more personal freedom in life, first we must ‘work on and grow' our own personal ability to actually 'handle more freedom' in life. Then, as we are becoming more-and-more capable and becoming more-and-more prepared, our opportunities to embrace-and-enjoy more-and-more freedom will in fact come. :)

19) The Greatest Cure :)

A truly healthy dose of pure 'happiness, loving-ness and appreciation', the kind that we allow to emerge from deep within - and therefore the-kind-that occurs for ‘for no particular reason’ - is the greatest cure for many, many things while also bringing natural enjoyment to life! And right now is a truly great time to embark on this important part of our journey, and enjoy doing so thoroughly! :)

20) In Perfect Alignment :)

Greatness is already built right into nature’s design – the more we align ourselves with the greatness of nature’s design – in every way possible - the more-and-more we experience, naturally, the greatness of greatness itself! ​:)

21) Achieving Our Greatest Potentials :)

Regardless of the vehicle we were born into, our job is to go-and-grow forward, without preset limitations, to achieve our absolute greatest potentials, and do so beautifully and adventurously without infringing upon the ability of others to do the same! ​ Now is the best time to get started on this very important part of our journey! :)

22) Start Something Positive :)

If others won’t let us 'join their parade', then each one of us - without missing a beat - will simply start our own! Now, is time to face, embrace and go right to creative solutions in order to leave old problems behind! :)

23) Pathways To Success :)

Pathways to go-and-grow ahead and experience greater-and-greater successes in life are followed, much more easily, by those who still, even now, continue to hold great destinations clearly in mind, especially while navigating life’s many detours along the way! :)

24) Meditation: A Two-Sided Coin :)

In meditation, if we want to know-and-experience ‘nothing-ness’, then we must also take time to know-and-experience - the other side of the same coin which is - ‘everything-ness’. Then, the secret for how to fully utilize and enjoy 'meditation in daily life' can be found right at the 'balance point of awareness' centered between the experience of ‘nothing-ness’ and the experience of ‘everything-ness’. :)

25) The Power Of Full-Body Awareness :)

When we learn to feel-and-sense, with our mind, our entire physical body, we can then learn to coordinate our physical body in order to create-and-enjoy the kind of greater-and-greater experiences in life we need-and-desire. Then, once this beautiful, life-changing skill has been put into place, when we want to feel happy, we have the skills needed to ‘generate happiness’, ‘feel happiness’, and ‘celebrate happiness’ everywhere in-and-about the body. Then, when we are feeling angry and/or we are feeling any ‘less-than-desirable’ emotion, we are also going to have the skills needed to let-it-all-go everywhere in-and-about the body in order to make room for happier, healthier and more productive feelings!

When it comes to mastering the body and its emotions, once we learn to ‘feel and sense’ everything in-and-about the body, we can then learn (using the power of intention) to coordinate everything in-and-about the body to experience even-more-freely the greatness we are all capable of generating in mind! Hint: the body quickly becomes a reflection of the the kind of narrative we are holding in mind. Now is the time to grow our greater-and-greater narrative, fully and completely, and begin to enjoy all of the fruits of our labor! :)

26) Simple, Yet Powerful :)

Relaxed is ready. Let us be relaxed now and enjoy being ready in creative ways that then in-turn allow us to simply feel better-and-better as we enjoy remaining both relaxed and ready at the same time! :)

27) Taking Stock :)

One way to 'find our way forward' in life is to 'actively highlight' and 'actively add up' all-that-is-already-working and all-that-is-positive in order to then see, even more clearly, which way really is going to be forward and worthy of our investment. This simple exercise works to provide us with our very own 'personal arrow' that 'points to' and 'highlights' our best way forward. In this way, we really do learn to benefit more-and-more as we 'grow the positive'! As always, now is the best time to embark on this very important part of our forward moving journey. :)

28) And... 'Action' :)

In human life, we are actors playing roles for characters that we are actively creating in our minds. In this way, true success becomes manifest the moment we decide to wake up and become our own writers, directors and actors for characters and roles that we really do want to play in life! Be creative and be your own creator of happiness, success and love-for-life! And, do this more-and-more, starting now! :)

29) We Will Be Greatly Rewarded :)

Let us begin to celebrate everything, now, that we really can take time to celebrate, and enjoy being deeply rewarded along the way! :)

30) Hypnotizing The Universe :)

As we are 'hypnotizing' ourselves with the formation of our own greater-and-greater narrative, I believe that we are also, in a sense, engaging and ‘hypnotizing' the universe around us. In this way, I believe that we have an infinitely greater-and-greater opportunity to - and therefore an infinitely greater-and-greater responsibility to - imagine-and-create that which really is going to bring us all into infinitely greater-and-greater realms of existence! With that said, let us all dream on levels that are much bigger-and-greater than mere-humanness and then enjoy receiving-and-experiencing much bigger-and-greater than mere-human-level rewards! :)

31) We Have Great Power :)

Most of us get started in life with narratives that we learn from parents, family, teachers, classmates, television, movies, news, advertising, and more. Each one of us, at some point, must then wake up to 'assess for ourselves' what a proper and productive narrative is going to be, separate from what others 'wanted for us' and separate from what others 'wanted from us'. This is a powerful 'moment of opportunity' in our lives – it is the moment when we can become truly authentic and become a true partner in the creation of our own destiny. This is the shining moment when we actually begin to wake-up and break-free enough to then contribute positively to the big-picture development of 'greater-and-greater realms of existence' for all! Can this same creative power be used for generating negative outcomes? Yes, absolutely – just look around at all of the negative-narratives that are actively creating noticeable destruction. However, a truly great-and-positive narrative also has just as much power to create what we all ‘really want and need’ (instead of destruction and/or what we mistakenly ‘thought we wanted and needed’. Developing the ‘wisdom to know the difference’ is one of our greatest missions to accomplish here on earth! We all must start with a positive narrative and then learn through life-experiences how to make our narrative greater-and-greater in ways that really are going to benefit (more-and-more) the entire earth, world, universe, all of nature, and well-beyond. Hint: our greatest narrative is the one that becomes universal enough to benefit all (including the entire earth, world, universe, all of nature, and well-beyond)! It's a great adventure - forgive yourself and others along the way, and have fun! :)

32) Be Effortless [From Nate's 'Effortless Body & Mind' Project] :)

To accomplish the kind of complete ‘mental, physical and emotional relaxation’ that we can move-around-with and 'enjoy peacefully' and yet 'powerfully' throughout each day, try the following exercise: We send a signal to our brain to both 'remain standing' and to 'relax completely' at the same time. We practice this daily until proper skeletal alignment has been discovered and can be easily maintained in ways that then allow us to sit, stand, walk, run, and get work done while simply feeling effortless. After this, we can make creative use of our effortless abilities anytime we want to enjoy feeling this way. :)

Effortless Running:

33) A Clear Path :)

The amount of pure joy that we experience in life is equal to the amount of pure appreciation that we are using to create our happy and joyful experience. With that said, a pure absence of 'unnecessary resistance' quickly provides the clear path we all want to experience happiness, joyfulness and pure love-for-life! This is an important part of our journey that we really can begin to enjoy starting now! :)

34) "Variety Is The Spice Of Life" :)

If we are not, or not yet, masters of 'just one thing' – like being the world’s greatest tennis player, the world’s greatest chef or the world’s greatest computer programmer - we can certainly be masters (right now) of learning-about-and-enjoying a 'great variety' of things in life! After all, ‘variety really is the spice of life’ and saying yes to 'having and celebrating great variety in life' really is a great way for us all to experience true mastery, starting right now! :)

35) Beyond The Obstacles :)

A very good friend of mine lost his ability to walk when he was just in grade school. When I met him for the first time, years later, he was a very positive person, played on a 'wheelchair basketball team' and was on a 'wheelchair track team'. Later in life, I met a woman who had lost her ability to walk sometime after her college years. When I met her, I was an EMT helping to move her from one mental facility to another, and apparently all she had been saying over and over again for many years was, “I just went out to help a friend. I got into a car accident, and now I can’t walk.” By contrast [while understanding that each person and set of circumstances is unique] my 'positive-thinking', 'wheelchair basketball' and 'wheelchair track team' friend must have made a clear decision to 'look beyond the obstacles' and to search for, find and 'embrace the positive path forward'!  As for the woman, just like the rest of us, she has great potential in life to go ahead and do the same! :)

Rest In Peace, Walter 'Tim' Whitehead... You were one of my greatest friends ["I feel the need for speed"]... May we meet again! :)

36) Wake-Up Call :)

When we have certain circumstances, habits, people, etc in our lives for long enough, it is quite common that our awareness de-focuses and wanes enough that, in practical terms, we are simply no longer fully aware of those things, even when they are quite important to us. We do, however, need to remain keenly-and-clearly aware of all that we want, need, and plan to appreciate, enjoy and 'change-for-the-better' in our lives. With this in mind, let us begin now the joyful process of bringing back into keen-and-clear focus our general moment-to-moment awareness so that we really do, then, wake up to want and need to appreciate, enjoy and 'change-for-the-better' in our lives! And, now is the best and only time to start, and restart, this greater-and-greater way to (ad)venture forward! :)

37) A Truly Happy Path :)

The only way to be truly happy, in this adventurous lifetime, is to dissolve our sense of self-importance and essentially learn, instead, to enjoy thinking-and-behaving more-authentically as if we are 'no one special'. The truth is that we are already an inseparable part of something much greater than mere humanness. In this way, any attempt to gain any 'real happiness' simply by 'impressing' another human with some behavior and/or attribute that is 'only human' is a bit foolish. Simply put, impressing another human being might be a fun and entertaining thing to do, but doing so does not lead to 'true happiness'.

Take an important look at all of the unnecessary difficulty-and-pain most of us have created for ourselves simply by 'trying to be someone who is relevant', 'trying to be someone who is remarkable', 'trying to be someone who is the best', 'trying to be someone who is attractive', 'trying to be someone who is cool', 'trying to be someone who is popular', and 'trying' on-and-on in a never-ending 'rat-race to nowhere' that simply does not end until finally we become wise enough to dissolve our need for self-importance.

Ironically, once we do become truly-successful enough (in the area of personal growth) to dissolve our sense self-importance and we begin then to enjoy thinking-and-behaving more-authentically as if we are “no one special”, others are likely to get the impression that we are in fact relevant, remarkable, the best, attractive, cool, popular, and much more!

On a human level, those things might appear to be true as we are actively 'applying our intelligence' and actively 'growing our skills' in life. However, regardless of whether those things happen to be true or not :), the only way to for us to remain true to our 'much more rewarding' path of 'true happiness' is to continue thinking-and-behaving as if we are an integral part of something much greater than mere humanness and therefore simply 'no one special'. Now is a great time to discover countless and immeasurable rewards that always come right along with doing so! :)

38) Complete Mental, Physical & Emotional Relaxation :)

The moment we enter into a state of complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation is the same moment that we find ourselves in the neutral space that exists right between our 'sense of absolute nothingness' and our 'sense of absolute “everything-ness' - and, as you might imagine, this neutral-and-deeply-relaxing state provides total relief from the difficulties of ego as well as total relief from the difficulties of being human. It might also come as no surprise that this neutral state is also where true happiness lives and where we can experience true happiness most purely and most completely. This is the neutral space where we experience happiness for no reason other than we have entered the space where we experience deeply our truest nature minus all of the trappings that come along with being human. In this way, dissolving the ego / our sense-of-self, starting now, really does come with greater-and-greater rewards for us all to enjoy. :)

39) Pure Meditation & Personal Change :)

When we build practical-relaxation-skills and learn to enter into a state of complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation, it becomes the discovery-moment that many (if not all) have simply been waiting for – it is the moment when we finally dissolve the ego-character-and-role that we had been playing in our lives. It is in this precise moment that we finally get to experience the beautiful, natural, deeply-relaxing, and truly-happy state that resides and exists within pure meditation, another name for the neutral space that exists between our 'sense of absolute nothingness' and our 'sense of absolute everything-ness'. Even further, this is the deeply-relaxing space where-and-when we get to remake, and therefore choose, the character-and-role that we 'plan to return to' in our 'waking-life'. Best of all, we can return to this beautiful, deeply-relaxing, truly-happy, and deeply-constructive space just as many times as we 'need and/or want' until we “finally get it right” and have created the master-level character-and-role in life that we are simply going to 'love and enjoy loving'! Now is a great time to do this beautifully and creatively! :)

40) Outside Looking In :)

We should be warned - once we begin to experience the neutral-state-of-pure-meditation and begin to experience our true nature that is 'minus all of the trappings that come with being human', it is possible that the endless patterns ordinary humans are repeating mindlessly each day are going to seem quite meaningless, undesirable and even flat-out depressing. This pivotal moment, however, of greater-and-greater self-reflection can provide us with the pure-inspiration and the pure-motivation needed to really go-for-and-achieve total-mastery-and-total-greatness in life, or it is possible that such disillusionment could potentially knock us completely off-balance for awhile. Either way, this disillusionment / pivotal-moment and life-changing-opportunity is exactly what we all need in order to, instead, wake up and begin to build patterns that really are constructive, meaningful, mindful and that really are going to create the greatest possible happiness, success and love-for-life not just for ourselves, but for everything-and-everybody around us to enjoy as well! Now is a great time to discover this beautifully! :)

41) Embark On A Life Changing Journey :)

So, in three mechanically-sound steps we can embark on a life-changing journey and be on our way to grow-forward-and-experience true mastery starting with a loving embrace of exactly what it takes to generate-and-enjoy true happiness, success and love-for-life. What else is there really to do, here on earth, once we are secure with water, food and shelter? Once we have established the very basics in life, it is time to go-for and grow-for true mastery starting naturally with the generation of true happiness, success and love-for-life!

Step One: Get excited, inspired and motivated by the simple fact that you can wake-up to create meaningful, positive and loving patterns in life, even within a human-driven environment that might otherwise seem mindless, repetitive and/or meaningless. We have great power to wake up, be clear-minded, independent, positive, constructive, creative, and life-changing even while others are not yet choosing to do so. Imagine, for example, a sea of humans all walking, biking, skateboarding, driving, eating, and “socializing” while still staring down at their phones – now imagine, at first, just one person who looks up and begins to see the even-greater-picture and who sees this even-bigger-than-life opportunity to wake up, really-go-for and achieve a much deeper connection with something much, much deeper and greater in life than previously imaginable!

Step Two: Build your positive narrative, one that breaks through any and all limitations set by yourself, your family, your friends, your community, your current environment and your upbringing. We must build a positive narrative that taps into our deepest sense of positive-and-creative dream-quality logic and that exceeds the limits of our own imagination.

Step Three: Understand that this - going-for and aligning ourselves with greatness-of-greatness-itself - is all possible because our greatest “contract” in life is not with other humans – instead, our contract is with something simply-much-bigger and simply-much-greater. Personally, I do not have adequate words for any attempt to describe-and-define what is “much-bigger-and-much-greater”, but I do understand through experience that dissolving-the-ego and developing a positive-and-powerful-narrative does in fact bring us deeper-and-deeper into perfect alignment with the greatness-of-greatness-itself and that doing so is likely "the only game in town” when its time to achieve true happiness, true success and true love-for-life, while still here on earth and in human form. Now is a truly great time to put all three steps into positive action! :)

42) Return Of Ego :)

One of the aims of pure-meditation is to dissolve the ego / sense-of-self. However, it is actually the return-of-ego along with our creative control over our own-personal-blend of 'ego' and 'non-ego' that makes being human such an enjoyable-productive-and-worthwhile endeavor. As humans we would not want to be constantly stuck with ego just as we would not want to be constantly stuck without it! Under our creative control, the right blend of 'ego' and 'non-ego' provides us with an opportunity to generate-and-experience awareness-and-appreciation. Therefore, having just the right blend of 'ego' and 'non-ego' also provides us with a golden opportunity to generate-and-experience enjoyment in life! Further, it is our positive narrative that actually provides us with both conscious and unconscious power to create this perfect blend of ego and non-ego moment after moment. With that said, it is time now to enjoy the true happiness, true success and true love-for-life that we are actively creating and earning each-and-every-day! :)

43) What's It Going To Be? :)

Are you someone who has become inspired, motivated & excited to be at your absolute very best within the 'right-now' of each-and-every-moment in life? Are you someone who is now ready to wake up and take on the powerful-and-positive attitude that says “I'm in - let's go for it!" Is there really any other choice when we really do want to be happy and when we really do want to experience being truly alive while on this exciting adventure we call life? :)

44) Door Of Opportunity :)

As we become more-and-more self-aware - enough to then see, hear, experience, understand, and appreciate how our thoughts-and-actions affect us [as well as everything and everyone around us] - a beautiful door of opportunity opens for us to step through and enjoy creating infinitely greater-and-greater realms for all to benefit, experience and enjoy! Now is a great time for us all to discover this deeply and thoroughly for ourselves! :)

45) Freedom From The Deficits Of Our Past :) [#45 and #17 go well together]

As adults, we now have a great opportunity to learn what we might not have been able to learn about ourselves and about life (for many 'now-water-under-the-bridge' reasons) while under the care of a parent, parents, and/or our surrounding community. We now have a great opportunity, and in some cases an equally great responsibility, to learn these things and to now become the necessary role model for ourselves (and others) that did not exist previously. In this way, we are going to open our eyes-and-hearts more-and-more and really see exactly what we need to learn-and-do now in order to 'grow forward' and 'be free' from the deficits of our past. Doing this now, for many, is going to help us all overcome huge obstacles in life that once stood in the way and move us all from dark to light! :)

46) It Never Should Have Happened.

Something has happened to each one us that never should have happened. For some, this 'something' has been very hurtful, but for others this 'something' is and has been flat-out devastating, traumatic, tragic and life-altering. It never should have happened. Symbolically, we are all 'holding our problems in our hands' while at the same time 'trying to be productive' with those same hands. For some, 'a few problems to handle' has not kept them from being productive. For others, however, holding onto their problems is all they can really manage - their hands are being fully consumed. Oh, how we admire (when we know that they exist) those who have become completely free to enjoy doing just 'one productive thing at a time' with what have become nice, empty and clean hands. How did they do this? When did they decide that the only way forward was to lay down those problems, and wash those hands with the 'fresh water of freedom'. Is it really worth it, we might ask? Is having freedom again going to be well worth giving up our psychological quest to punish, seek justice, find answers, get closure, get reassurances, etc, etc.? Can we maybe try freedom (and relief) for just a few seconds at a time in order to decide for ourselves if 'freedom again' really is going to be worth the trade? Can we hypnotize our brain and hypnotize the universe to let us explore the possibilities of freedom-and-relief in our own unique way? History shows that we can do this thoroughly once we really do decide strongly enough that freedom really is going to be well worth the trade (even if, at first, that trade is going to be for just a few moments at a time). Whether we know it or not, now really is the truly great time to let it all go and do so now without having 'any reasonable reason' to do it. Some things are simply completely unreasonable and therefore washing our hands of it, when finally ready to 'finally be free', is the only way to truly let go now and truly be happy thereafter. :)

47) Default Mode :)

Have you decided to make kindness and respectfulness your 'default mode' for when you are engaging yourself and for when you are engaging others, regardless of what opinions you might hold, so long as it really is going to be safe to do so? Kindness and respect toward ourselves, and others, is one of the greatest ways to grow something positive now within each and every moment! :)

48) A Time To Declutter :)

In the here-&-now we experience much less (which feels amazing) than when we are attempting to be in the 'Past/Here-&-Now/Future' all at once. Let us have-and-enjoy-having the greater-and-greater freedom-and-relief that comes right along with simply 'enjoying this moment' in the 'right-here and right-now'. We are experiencing much less 'here-&-now' and that is one of the reasons why it feels so good.

The here-&-now is where we can declutter naturally to really enjoy life, deeply and thoroughly. There are plenty of times when it really is practical-and-fun to recall great learnings-and-feelings from the past, and there are plenty of times when it is practical-and-fun to imagine great plans for the future, but then it is time to return to the 'place-and-time' where fresh new memories are being created in the here-&-now.


In this way, the here-&-now is where we have 'power to reinvent' and have 'power to change direction' in life - this in an incredible opportunity that we can simply take advantage of right now (naturally)! :)

49) A Clear Decision :)

Let us make a clear decision, now, to become 'even more positive' and become 'even more buoyant' so that we can then experience even greater skill, confidence, power, and creative enjoyment when swimming through 'tides of negativity' that sometimes exist in life! :)

50) Something Deeply Hypnotic :)

Read This Smoothly and Quickly With Your Unconscious Mind - It Does Not Need To Make Sense To You Consciously!

Are You Someone Who Knows Wisely That You Have 'Already Forgotten-Completely' All 'Unwanted Things' That You Now Have The Natural Pleasure Of 'Forgetting-Properly-To-Remember Consciously' and That Very Soon 'More-and-More' 'Less-Wanted-Things' Are Going To Be Added To The Unknown List of Things-So-Forgotten-Consciously' Just As Soon As We...... Move Your 'Focus Now To Other-Things' 'Much More Positive' and, instead...... Move Your 'Focus Now To Things Much More Productive - and, Enjoy Doing so'

Or, Instead, Do You Not Yet Know Wisely 'Less-Wanted Things Already Forgotten-Completely' Really Are Then Just A Beautiful Beginning of This Growing List of 'Less-Wanted Things-Already-Forgotten-Consciously' now That More-And-More You Are Going To Be 'Happy-To-Forget-To-Remember' So That You Can Then and Now Just Move Our..... Focus To Other-Things Much More Positive And...... Move Our Focus Now To Things Much More Productive.... And Enjoy Doing So Deeply And Thoroughly now going forward even more beautifully than ever before! :)

51) Simpler And Happier :)

Let us become wise enough to grow simpler and grow happier in life - and let us do so in many creative ways that really do provide great confidence-and-power to secure water, food, shelter, meaningful-activity, friendship, and love. And further, let us do so in many healthy ways that ultimately allow us to have more time-and-energy to invest wisely In bringing that love-for-life feeling of quality, appreciation and enjoyment into absolutely everything we do! And as we are doing so happily, let us enjoy growing forward in life now more-and-more than ever imagined possible! :)

52) Rules Of Life :)

Let us become wise-enough to now find-and-grow more-and-more freedom deep within what we 'can do' in life as our own 'unique and healthy' way to forgive thoroughly what certain rules of life have determined that we simply cannot. In this way, we now become 'free just like water' the way it simply and with almost 'no resistance' flows smoothly over, under and around nearly each and every would-be obstacle. Let this be our way to go and grow forward with greater ease, fluidity and grace! :)

53) One Smart Plan :)

Speaking symbolically, if your experience in daily life is equivalent to 'running one mile', are you someone who is going to train yourself to handle running at least ''two-miles-with-ease so that then running 'just-one-mile in daily life' really can be completed with near-effortlessness and really can be completed with plenty of healthy-and-enjoyable energy to spare?

Or, instead, have you not yet decided to grow yourself into someone who has now become stronger, wiser, more flexible, more energetic, more youthful, and more masterful than even needed so that you can then [and, therefore now] really enjoy life with a much-much greater sense of ease, fluidity and grace? :)

54) Your Wise Investment :)

Are you someone who already knows that humans tend to get 'quite good' at whatever they practice over a great period of time? And with that said, are you also someone who has become mindful, creatively so, of all that you are now practicing-positively each day so that, over a great period of time, you really are going get 'quite good' at many things of your own wise choosing? And, are you doing so that you can then, now and/or every soon, have-and-enjoy all of the greater-and-greater benefits that really do come right along with investing wisely in personal success?

Or, instead, have you not yet become the one to decide what you are going to get "quite good" at and do wisely and creatively? Right now really is the greatest time to go ahead and plan-for, and to invest-in, your own greater-and-greater future in this unique and powerful way! :)

55) Become Warriors :)

Let our 'sheer determination' to be-truly-happy and our 'sheer determination' to be-truly-healthy override all other forces that would otherwise be hurting us for not yet being fully determined, truly-happy and truly-healthy! In this way, we must now 'become warriors' and now 'win' in ways that really do bring us / move into infinitely greater-and-greater realms where mastery-of-mastery itself becomes our only experience! We must wake up and do this now! :)

56) Living As If :)

"Just because we can does not mean that we should". This old saying might have more truth in it than we first realized. What if, as a thought experiment, the deeper truth is that some higher-form-of-intelligence (nature, God, or otherwise) is providing us with 'freedom and free-will', here on earth, in order to:

A) Help us learn how to handle the joy of earning-having-and-enjoying more-and-more 'freedom and free-will'

And B) Provide us with an out-of-this-world opportunity graduate to the next-higher-level-of-existence once we have learned how to properly handle earning-and-having 'freedom and free-will' right here on earth?

- If this was proven to be true, how would this knowledge change the way we live and go-for-full-potential each day? Would we be 'truly inspired and motivated' to 'work toward graduation' even if it meant self-regulating in the spirit of that old saying, "Just because we can does not mean that we should"?

- How much better would life be if we really were living now as if this opportunity to graduate were true?

- Might we 'become self-inspired' and 'become self-motivated' to self-regulate even if all of the great benefits of doing so are only going to 'take us to the next-higher-level-of-existence' and 'improve our lives' while here on earth?

- Would we consider doing this not only to 'take us to the next-higher-level-of-existence' and 'improve our lives' while here on earth, but also as a 'wise insurance policy' just in case this 'opportunity to graduate' ends up really being true? :)

- Might our growing understanding of this whole concept provide us now with fresh new inspiration, motivation and direction in life?

- Once we have embarked on this great journey (if we have not already done so), are we going to be surprised when 'some higher-form-of-intelligence (nature, God, or otherwise)' seems to be communicating with us and providing guidance?

- Now is a great time to begin cultivating and begin having [and enjoying] this 'bigger-and-greater-than-just-human' experience! :)

57) Bridge Over Depression :)

Are you someone who has learned wisely to create healthy eating, healthy sleeping, healthy exercising, healthy thinking, and healthy activity habits - while you are already feeling great in life - so that when that dip of depression comes to visit, you then have a 'bridge made of all-your-healthy-habits' to help deliver you right back to feeling happy and healthy again much more quickly and with much less suffering than someone who has not yet become wise enough to build this bridge?

Or, instead, have you not yet become determined enough to create the healthy eating, sleeping, exercising, thinking, and activity habits that really are going to create your own personal bridge back to feeling happy and healthy again, so quickly - in most cases - that normal dips of "depression" can simply now go unnoticed?

58) Effortless Body & Mind [From Nate's 'Effortless Body & Mind' Project] :)

Do you know from experience, yet, that you can learn to sit, stand and move with your skeletal system in masterful alignment with the greatness of your own natural design so that you can then develop a deeply relaxed sense of mental, physical and emotional coordination that simply feels masterful and effortless in ways that invite you to become mindful of simply feeling great inside and out?

Or, instead, have you not yet discovered that you can hang your body from your skeletal system, the one that wants nothing more now then for you to discover your own masterful alignment with the greatness of your own natural design to sit, stand and move with deep relaxation, effortless balance and masterful coordination in order to then experience your own 'beautiful and mindful art' of 'pure relaxation and pure enjoyment' even while moving and getting work done?

So that you can then feel effortless inside and out, let go completely, become deeply relaxed, and become deeply-coordinated in ways that have natural power to turn both work and play into your own beautiful and mindful game of pure enjoyment! This is powerful form of natural alignment within your own natural design that can be explored joyfully all day long, starting as soon as right now! :) Effortless Running:

59) Are You A 'Pretty Good Pet'? :)

Are you someone who has been able to develop a simple, fun, beautiful, and loving relationship with a family pet, one where literally all they need to do is just "be a pretty good pet" and then in response-and-return you become the most joyful expression of undying appreciation, love and affection that anyone has ever experienced? And if so, would you like to benefit deeply from simplifying your expectations of humans as well so that, when safe to do so, you can then have all of the life-changing enjoyment that comes right-along-with allowing yourself and others to simply be a 'pretty good pet'? Would you like to experience your most joyful, appreciative, loving, and affectionate self in this simple way?

Or, instead, have you not yet decided to 'simplify your life' and 'simplify your relationships' by expecting, whenever realistic and safe to do so, 'no-more-from-yourself' and 'no-more-from-others' than to simply to 'be a pretty good pet'?

Might this be an open door to experience pure joy of happiness, appreciation, love, and affection starting just as soon as you decide that now is the time? :)

60) Be Freed From Our Distant Past :)

Let us become wise enough now within this lifetime to 'experience-and-enjoy' our own 'childlike-happiness' and our own 'childlike-joyfulness' with enough maturity to, at the same time, 'avoid being childish'. And further, let us do so thoroughly enough that we really do continue to 'experience all of the benefits' that come right along with having-and-enjoying our own 'feelings of youthfulness' still growing-and-glowing within!

And further-further, let us be wise enough to let all of our greatest 'childlike-feelings-of-happiness' and all of our greatest 'childlike-feelings-of-joyfulness' finally be 'freed from our distant past' so that they can all 'join us here and now with a 'well-spring of youthfulness' to be experienced-and-enjoyed throughout each-and-every-age thereafter, including right now deep within this very unfolding moment! :)

61) Plan To Wake Up Feeling Great :)

Do we know, collectively, that something just as simple as our wise decision to get the proper-sleep and get the proper-rest we need, in order to 'feel-greater-and-greater-each-day', really is one of the simplest secrets that we can easily 'apply each-and-every day' to achieve, with wisdom-and-confidence, the kind of 'greater-and-greater happiness' and the kind of 'greater-and-greater health' that we now need, and really want?

Or, instead, have we not yet begun to respond to our own 'mental, physical and emotional wisdom / needs' and respond to the deepest part of us that 'knows for certain' to take full and enjoyable advantage of this life-changing opportunity to have all of the happy-and-healthy pleasures in life that come right along with 'getting the deep sleep' and 'getting the deep rest' we all need in order to achieve 'greater-and-greater happiness' and achieve 'greater-and-greater health'?

This 'first step' and this 'simple solution' starts right now in the most beautiful and most poetic ways just as soon as we decide wisely to get caught up in such things! The remarkable difference is going to change us forever! :)

62) Some Things Are Simply Unavoidable :)

Are you someone who has learned actively to respect-yourself and love-yourself in natural-response to positive thoughts-and-positive-actions you are actively creating-and-generating to earn-your-sense-of-self-respect and actively taking to earn-your-sense-of-love-for-self?

Or, instead, have you not yet learned to think-and-act in healthy ways that really are going to help you experience-a-natural-sense-of-self-respect and experience-a-natural-sense-of-love-for-self so that you can then enjoy being naturally-inspired and enjoy being naturally-motivated, to keep this healthy cycle going? And when it does end, forgiveness, whether you like it or not, is going to be your 'key and natural power' to get 'respect for self' and get 'love for self' started again!

Perhaps we have all tried avoiding our human need for self-respect, self-love, positive-thinking, positive-actions, earning-it, and forgiveness, only to discover (through pain) that we simply need to earn and embrace such things now and forever while here on earth. Welcome to the club - grab a handful of self-respect, self-love, positive-thinking, positive-actions, earning-it, and forgiveness and let's get to it! :)

63) We All Have A Breaking Point :)

We all have a breaking point, and once we have crossed this threshold we are no longer going to be proud of our thoughts and behaviors. Our job, then, is to learn healthy ways for how to relax to the point of complete 'mental, physical and emotional relaxation' and then let this be our new 'starting point' that is as far as possible from our 'breaking point'. Then, when we are 'being challenged' in life and things are 'not going our way', we are going to have a nice big cushion available to 'absorb all of the bumps' along with plenty of space [between starting point and breaking point] for us to experience remaining 'calm, cool and collected'. This is a very important understanding to have about ourselves.

In addition, our job is to learn healthy ways for how to restore and deepen our reference-point for complete 'mental, physical and emotional relaxation' anytime we have been moved closer to our breaking point.

This simple formula that includes learning healthy ways to establish a reference point for complete 'mental, physical and emotional relaxation' as well as developing tools and strategies for 'moving further and further away' from our breaking-point, is a real life-changer!

Right now is the best time for us all to continue working on this very important part of our journey. :)

64) Perfectly Clean-&-Clear :)

Are you someone who has learned to observe the 'blackboard of life' and 'wipe perfectly clean and clear' all remnants of 'unwanted thoughts and experiences'? Have you learned to do so skillfully enough to 'clear your mind' and therefore 'go and grow forward' only with what really is 'going to be useful' for 'achieving your greatest goals in life'?

Or, instead, have you not yet learned 'wipe it all clean' and 'start completely fresh' each year, each month, each day, and each moment? Let us start 'completely fresh now within each moment' so that we really can, and do, maintain our positive narrative's creative aim to achieve that which really is well beyond our greatest dreams! :)

65) Tough Decisions :)

Let us move into 'greater-and-greater alignment' with who-and-what really does 'bring happiness and healthiness' into our lives, and let us move 'further-and-further away' from 'who-and-what simply does not'. And, as we are doing this positively-actively-and-creatively, let us also be confident-and-strong when it's time to make tough decisions that might easily go against what 'society says we should do'.

For example: remaining entangled with an abusive parent, family member, or spouse, is that going to be a great life for us? Would remaining entangled with an unhappy career choice be a great life for us? (Naturally the list goes on) Or, might one tough decision - one that might easily go against what society dictates - lead us to experience, instead, a joyful sense of freedom, happiness, healthiness, and love-for-life?

Our greater-and-greater narrative is going to help us be confident and help us be strong when the time becomes now to make those tough decisions! And, as we do move into 'greater-and-greater alignment' with who-and-what really does 'bring happiness and healthiness' into our lives, life really does just get better and better! :)

66) Grow The Positive :)

Let us use our positive narratives, use our positive attitudes, use our positive-intentions, and use our positive actions in order to actively 'grow the positive' in life! Energy aimed at 'defeating the negative' does not always 'shrink the negative'. When this is discovered to be the case, let us quickly shift our efforts to actively 'grow the positive' instead. This is akin to 'looking beyond the obstacles' to instead 'see-and-activate solutions'. It is also akin to our wise choice to find at least one thing within others that we can highlight, appreciate, agree-upon, and use to actively build-and-maintain positive rapport! Now is a great time to engage completely-and-fully in this positive form of art! :)

67) Create Your Own :)

Are you someone who has decided to use your great intelligence in order to design-and-create your own greater-and-greater sense of purpose in life?

Have you made a clear decision to create your own greater-and-greater sense of purpose so that you can then wake-up-each-day feeling more-and-more inspired and wake-up-each-day feeling more-and-more motivated to get right back into your own personal 'wake-time' adventure that you and life really do have exponential power and potential to create, experience and enjoy together?

68) Let The Fog Lift :)

Let the fog lift, and let there be a new and refreshing sense of clarity. Let this renewed clarity and awareness become our new and powerful way to recognize-appreciate-and-experience now all that has been great, all that is great, and all that is going to be great 'going and growing' forward in this lifetime and well beyond! :)

69) 'Surgeon A' Or 'Surgeon B'? :)

'Brilliant Surgeon A' has a perfect record. So far, she has had the 'great fortune' of having 'no difficult circumstances to deal with' and has had 'no mistakes to fix' while performing surgery over the last five years, which were also her 'first five years' of working as a surgeon.

'Brilliant Surgeon B' has encountered many difficult circumstances and has had to act quickly with confidence-competence-and-clarity in order to identify-and-fix a good number of (rookie-type) mistakes while performing surgery over the last five years, which were also her 'first five years' of working as a surgeon.

Both surgeons have generated great professional outcomes leading up to 'the time of this writing'. So, with this in mind, here are two questions for you:

Q1) If you or a loved-one needed surgery tomorrow, which surgeon would you choose (Surgeon A or Surgeon B) and why?

Q2) In life, which kind of person would you rather be:

A) Someone (like surgeon a) who does not yet have practical experience related to dealing with difficulties and fixing mistakes in life

Or B) An 'imperfect' yet highly-skilled someone (like surgeon b) who, through practical experience, can now act quickly with confidence-competence-and-clarity when it's time to 'overcome difficulties' and 'fix mistakes' as arise in life?

Hmmm - feel free to 'let me know' in the comments section! :) [I did have a chance to pose this question to a real-life Surgeon-In-Chief and he chose "Surgeon B" without hesitation!]

70) I Thought To Myself, "This Is Truly Wonderful" :)

Each week, I used to take a nice country drive to my grandparent's house in rural Pennsylvania and help them mow grass, rake leaves and do odd jobs around the house. After that, we would eat a meal together, that they had prepared, and call it a great day [ and, it really was].

One time while making the country drive, I thought to myself, "This is truly wonderful - I am going to start really being present, paying close attention, absorbing, and really enjoy appreciating this wonderful experience that I am fortunate to have each week with such loving grandparents," and I did. From that point on, years went by and I really did follow through with this simple plan to celebrate precious time shared with grandparents who had always been so loving and so giving.

This process of 'being truly present' and of 'really appreciating loved ones' filled me with 'heartfelt feelings of gratitude' that simply never left after their passing.

For those who passed before I knew how to appreciate and enjoy them in this way, I have also been able to do this exercise retroactively.

And for those who are in my life now and who are still living, my aim is to savor every experience with them in this same fulfilling way! This, savouring life's precious moments, really is a truly wonderful way to love life! :)

71) A Long & Challenging Process :)

If we are given a 3" paint-roller and asked to 'make one painted line on a flat surface', 'wait for it to dry', 'make a second line right on top of the first one', 'wait for it to dry', and then repeat this process until eventually we end up with a 4' high 'wall-of-paint', I imagine that the entire process would take quite a bit of time and quite a bit of patience. However, I do feel certain, as long as we commit to the process, that we would eventually get the job done and eventually enjoy success!

Stated a different way, we could be placed next to the ocean with an empty '55 gallon barrel' that needs to be filled using only one 'eye-dropper's worth' of water at a time. Again, I do feel certain, as long as we commit to the process, that we are going to eventually get the job done and eventually enjoy success, but it is certainly going to take our fair share of time and patience!

In both scenarios, success is nearly guaranteed to anyone who becomes willing to commit to the process. Who, I wonder, is going to commit to such a 'long and challenging process' when the reward is only going to be the novelty of a 4' high 'wall-of-paint' and/or a 55 gallon barrel filled with ocean water? But, what about scenarios where our 'long and challenging process' is going to lead instead to something 'much more rewarding' like playing the piano beautifully, mastering our math skills, earning a college degree, achieving our happiness-health-&-fitness goals, and more? Are we then going to be willing-&-ready to invest time-and-patience into 'long and challenging processes' that really are going to bring more-and-more greatness into our lives? I believe that the answer, whether we like it or not, is going to be a truly resounding "yes", since this is often exactly what it takes in order to earn-and-experience greater-and-greater success in life! :)

72) Who Would You Rather Be? :)

In life, with whom would you rather spend your precious time with and/or, who would you rather be:

- A world-renowned athlete / sports star or just a truly happy-honest-appreciative-&-successful person who is not at all famous?

- A world-renowned artist / musician or just a truly happy-honest-appreciative-&-successful person who is not at all famous?

- A world-renowned actress / actor or just a truly happy-honest-appreciative-&-successful person who is not at all famous?

- A world-renowned businesswoman / businessman or just a truly happy-honest-appreciative-&-successful person who is not at all famous?

- A world-renowned leader / politician or just a truly happy-honest-appreciative-&-successful person who is not at all famous?

If one of the above options could have become a reality for you, but you ended up on a different path, do you now feel - in retrospect - as though you got lucky and 'dodged a bullet'? Many of us, at a young age, wished at one time to be rich and famous only to find out later, though observation and/or experience, that being world-renowned, rich and/or famous does not in any way secure or guarantee true happiness. I have observed that there are valuable pathways to true happiness for all stations in life! :)

73) A 'Five Year Plan' :)

Once, while I was still in high school, the classes gathered in the school's auditorium to attend a student-talent show. During the show, two electric guitar players caught my attention. Then, during my lunch period I happened across an impromptu jam session that took place between the two guitarists as they compared notes, so to speak. One of them asked the other, "How long have you been playing?", and the answer came back as "Five years". Instantly I felt inspired and I thought to myself, "I wish that I had started (on guitar) five years ago!" I had owned a guitar about a year before that, but never even learned how to tune it, let alone play it.

A few years had gone by when I encountered a distant family member who was sounding great on an acoustic guitar - this time any normal 'sense of inspiration' was completely blocked by strong 'feelings of disappointment' that I still had not started my own 'five year plan'. At first I didn't understand the negative emotions I was experiencing, but soon it dawned upon me that apparently it had become time to get started, and that is exaclty what I did.

To make along story short, I believe that in less-than five years I was on stage with my own band and being paid to entertain. This does not mean that I was any good, but it does mean that I was now definetely on track to continue learning-and-growing forward!

And so it is very true with so many things. Sometimes we 'just and must' make a clear decision in the 'right now' to get started immediately and commit to staying with a "five-year-plan" in order to:

A) Actually Get Started

B) Sustain Our Efforts Past Any Initial Lack Of Instant Gratification

C) Give Our Brains A Realistic Time-Period To Learn-And-Grow

And, D) Enjoy The Entire Step-By-Step Process Without Any Unrealistic Pressure To Produce Instant Results!

Personally, I have started many "five-year plans" in my life, and have found that doing so really is a worthwhile-and-adventurous way to grow! Some of my endeavors have really blossomed into valuable sets of skills and experiences that I draw-upon each day, while other endeavors were just short-lived (but necessary) stepping-stones to something even greater along the way! In this life adventure, whether we know it or not, 'everything adds up' and contributes 'beautifully-and-poetically' to our total sense of momentum and success! So, jump in and start something - and, in "five years" you are going to be glad that you did! :)

74) A Life-Changing Bug Cup :)

Humans have created a largely synthetic world that is, in many ways, insulated from the beauty of nature itself. In response to this, some have unknowingly been delivered right into a life of depression, compared to what really is possible.

However, others have wisely made a point to connect-with, appreciate and remain-connected-to the beauty of nature even while being adaptive enough to operate successfully within the largely synthetic illusion-of-reality that humans are continuously creating and reinforcing.

Now, and with that said, imagine the plight of an insect who is born into, or who becomes trapped in, the unnatural setting of a 'home or business'. Many of them will simply die trying to push past the 'illusion of freedom' that a window provides, while others end up simply having to 'do their best' while adapting to an 'indoor and largely unnatural' environment.

Think about how much the above insect needs and desires to 'return to freedom', 'return to the natural order of things' and 'get back to nature' so that it can fulfill its natural purpose in life. Imagine further how every 'fiber of its being' must need and want this. And now, picture a kindhearted human who takes time to 'cover the insect with a cup', gently 'slide a piece of paper underneath' and 'release it' back into nature again so that it can finally 'return to freedom', finally 'return to the natural order of things' and finally 'get back to fulfilling its natural purpose in life. That would be a truly life-changing event, would it not?

Helping ourselves and helping others 'return to and maintain freedom', in this way, is one of the most 'monumental and loving' things that we can 'do and accomplish' in this lifetime. And, as we become this collective and cooperative force for the 'protection and restoration of freedom', we can then celebrate having gone much further to make this a better earth, world, universe, and well beyond for 'ourselves and all others'! :)

75) The Coin Of Life :)

One kind of fool is looking only at the 'negative side' of life and is suffering because they are not considering that an opposite side exists.

Another kind of fool is looking only at the 'positive side' and is suffering because they are not considering that an opposite side exists.

Still, yest another kind of fool is 'seeing both sides' and feeling distraught because they don't know what to do with knowledge that both sides exist. They are thinking, "I just can't enjoy feeling positive while knowing that negativity exists."

Then, there are those who simply 'know and accept wisely' that both a 'negative side' and a 'positive side' do in fact exist. With full acceptance of this mechanically-sound knowledge, they can 'take both sides into consideration' and this is what leads naturally to being 'well-informed' and also able to make 'wise decisions' in life. From this position, a wise and well-informed person can then choose to simply hang out on the 'positive side' of life, for its good feelings, while also knowing full well that a negative side exists!

This, evaluating both positive and negative sides of each equation in order to enjoy making wise and well-informed decisions', is how we keep the 'positive momentum' going and growing forward, even while a negative side exists! Now truly is a great time to become, more-than-ever-before, a wise and well-informed decision maker and to enjoy all of the greater-and-greater benefits that come right along with doing so! :)

76) Own 'True Freedom' In Life :)

- Unless we learn to know better, a cloudy day could make it seem like we are all living in a drab and sunless reality.

- Unless we learn to know better, a bright-&-clear blue sky could make it seem like the 'darkness of outer space' simply does not exist.

- Unless we learn to know better, our natural lack of visual-power can make it seem like outer space is simply a ''dark-and-uneventful place' peppered with many tiny points of light.

- Unless we learn to know better, what we are seeing right in front of us may seem like 'all that exists'.

- And, this list goes on and on...

- Unless we learn to know better, we might think that 'what has been presented', 'what we have seen' and that 'what we have experienced' thus far represents our actual reality.

- There are many 'who have', 'who are' and 'who are attempting to' 'inform our realities' using powerful tricks-and-tools of the trade. This is human nature. Our job is to 'cut through' all of the 'proposed illusions' and instead generate a 'much greater understanding' than what others 'have', 'are' and are 'attempting to' promote. This is how we secure, protect and grow our own true freedom in life. :)

77) Life In This Moment :)

Are you someone who has already learned to 'be-in-this-moment' with 'full-acceptance' (non-resistance), 'full-awareness', 'full-appreciation', and 'full-enjoyment'?

Or, instead, have you not yet learned to benefit from being-in-this-moment in ways that are thoroughly-relaxed and clearly-mindful enough to then to have all of the healthy benefits that come right along as you are embracing 'full-acceptance', embracing 'full-awareness', embracing 'full-appreciation', and embracing 'full-enjoyment'?

Let us all enjoy life fully now in many-many ways, just like these, that really do bring us all up to experience and enjoy full potential! :)

78) Leaving The Dream State Behind :)

Each morning, let us rise out of bed, 'leave the dream-state behind' and wake up completely in ways that really do allow us experience the difference in order to enjoy 'engaging fully and clearly' within this beautiful 'waking reality' that we call life! :)

79) Slow Down And Enjoy :)

Let us become wise enough, in this moment, to slow down and really 'enjoy thoroughly in life' what others are only going to be looking back and celebrating longingly as the 'good ole days' of 'life gone by' now!  

And let us 'be determined' with a 'clear-and-powerful mind-and-body' to wake up and really live life beautifully in this moment so that we can then 'put ourselves in charge' and 'be our own directors' of quality-and-enjoyment within each-and-every moment! Now is the time! :)

80) Earn, Save And Invest :)

Are you someone who is determined to 'earn, save and invest', in a mostly unbroken loop, so that then you can 'enjoy all the benefits' that come right along with having available 'maximum freedom and security' when you need it the most?

Or, instead, are you not yet determined to 'earn, save and invest', in every possible way, when it comes to friends, family, people, good deeds, your healthy thinking, your healthy actions, your healthy finances, and more so that you can then enjoy having 'maximum freedom and security' when you want and/or need it the most?

Now is a great time for us to invest wisely in this way so that we can then really enjoy all of the natural benefits that come along with doing so! :)

81) Circles :)

When a circle is used to represent the greatness of a person’s overall 'quality-of-thoughts', 'quality-of-intentions' and 'quality-of-actions', some people’s circles are naturally going to be 'bigger and greater' than others. In addition, each person is unlikely to 'have the self-awareness' required to 'recognize and appreciate' other circles that happen to be 'bigger and greater' than their own. With that said:


Speaking symbolically, do you actively allow yourself to 'grow your own circle', of personal quality, just as big and just as beautiful as possible so that you can then 'be free from limitations' set, and 'be free from limitations adhered to', by others? And as you are actively 'expanding your own circle' of personal quality, do you interact with 'smaller circles' in ways that are at once ''patient, kind and understanding?


Or, instead, do you not yet realize and appreciate the gift you have to grow and expand your own circle in order to then actively achieve full-potential in life, which is also going to include your own natural ability to 'be set free from limitation's that others may be attempting, knowingly and unknowingly to set upon you?

This is our invitation now to 'grow our circles' just as 'big and beautiful as possible' while knowing that we can always meet others just as they are (within their own circle of personal understanding). And, we can do so happily ''without being trapped and 'without being limited' by those who happen to have smaller circles than our own. Naturally, as we are doing so, we should be aware that anyone who has a smaller circle than our own is not going to have any real awareness or appreciation of how big our circle might be. And, on the other side of that same coin, we are not going to be fully-aware and fully-able to appreciate those who happen to have circles larger than our own. In this way understanding, patience and humility are woven naturally right into the fabric of life!

So, now really is a truly great time to enjoy the greatest possible quality that we can learn to grow for ourselves, while also enjoying the greatest possible quality that we can learn to see in others! :)

82) Yin & Yang :)

We all have different strengths and weaknesses.

With that said, a truly great opportunity is presented in the exact moment when one person's strength happens to line up perfectly in ways that naturally compensate for another's weakness, and so-on-and-so-forth!

In this way, we can all begin to respect and celebrate others who happen to have different strengths than our own, and do so with a 'growing sense of excitement' for how we all really can begin to work together in a greater-and-greater team effort!

There is nothing else quite like the great feeling that comes right along with working side-by-side in a great team effort - but, for this to happen, we need leaders to step up and highlight as many common goals as possible, and for those same leaders to step up and highlight various strengths in others in order to get each team started. Together, with great leaders and great common goals, we have great power! Hint: Point to and compliment another person's strength and they often come alive with great internal motivation to demonstrate that strength! :)

83) One Of Your Super-Powers :)

Are you someone who understands that you really can 'ask your unconscious' to recall ''wonderful memories of you on 'your very best, happiest and healthiest days', quite often long forgotten by the conscious mind, and that simply by doing so, you are going to begin feeling the quality of these memories, even without recalling consciously 'near as well as your very resourceful unconscious' is now going to be doing so beautifully?

Or, instead, are you not yet going to know this until you 'experience for yourself', perhaps even now, your own 'natural, unconscious ability' to recall the great feeling qualities of you on your very 'best, happiest and healthiest days'?

Try this now (even on a conscious level) - think about one-or-more of your greatest, 'feel-good memories' and note how long it takes before you really do begin to enjoy the great feelings that come right along with the greater-and-greater memories you are now choosing, consciously and especially unconsciously, moment after moment! More on this life-changing super-power later! For now, we will carry our momentum forward to number 84 and well beyond! :)

84) No Permanent Ways :)

Since we are 'always learning in life', and since we are 'always making improvements' to what we have already learned, in life there are 'no permanent ways' and there are 'no permanent habits'!

Since we are naturally going to 'continue learning' and naturally we are going to continue making improvements to what we have learned, while on this great learning adventure in life, we can go ahead and learn to grow ourselves, creatively, 'well-beyond old ways' and learn to grow ourselves thoroughly now 'well-beyond old patterns-and-habits' that no longer serve us! This 'natural truth' is our 'great invitation' to go ahead and 'put it all into positive motion' and really 'go-and-grow-for-greatness' in life! And, there is no other greater time than right now to do so! :)

85) Creating Natural Momentum :)

Everything that we learn in life is going to 'connect with', 'enhance' and 'build momentum with' everything else that we have already learned - and, it is going to 'connect with', 'enhance' and 'build momentum with' everything that we are 'going to learn' just-as-long-as we really do take time boil each and every 'thing we learn' down to its principal-based and underlying [and therefore powerful] truth!

Just like in grade school when we learned how to factor numbers and we discovered that a simple number like '8' boiled down to 2x2x2, that a simple number like '6' boiled down to 2x3, and that a simple number like '20' boiled down to 2x2x5, soon we discovered that many numbers boiled down to simple combinations of 2's, 3's, 5's, and 7's, etc.

The same is true for everything that we learn in life, and this is what allows us to 'connect with', 'enhance' and 'build momentum with' everything else that we have already learned and 'connect with', 'enhance' and 'build momentum with' everything that we are 'going to learn' just-as-long-as we we really do take time boil each and every 'thing we learn' down to its principal-based and underlying [and therefore powerful] truth!

We can begin to make powerful associations like these, even now, simply by 'making comparisons' between 'one thing that we know' 'and another'. For example, a budding musician who (instead of just copying others) learns to 'create music' as an 'expressive extension' of their own speaking language, then goes on to 'have and enjoy having' direct access to natural intelligence, rhythms, fluidity, and emotional expression that come right along with our brain's 'natural ability' to produce language, musical and otherwise! This powerful connection between 'language patterns' that we have 'already mastered' in the brain and 'learning to make music', is one of the secrets that allow advancing musicians to experience even greater musical success!

Plus, this phenomenal opportunity to create powerful momentum-building connections within the brain exists for everything that we do in life - everything is connected. And this means that now is a truly great time to embrace and explore this life-changing concept - and, do so starting first deep within your [most powerful] unconscious mind! :)

86) Tears Of Joy :)

Years ago, a woman cried 'tears of joy' during one of my classes. We had just completed an exercise designed to help people become aware that we humans are designed to hang a 'completely relaxed body' on a 'properly aligned' skeletal system in order to experience profound mental, physical and emotional relaxation even while moving and getting work done throughout the day.

I remember that she was in the back left-hand corner of the room when she expressed, "These are tears of joy. For my entire life it felt like I had to hold myself up, and while doing so I had been in pain each day. And now with this exercise I just discovered that I can actually relax and let go while I am standing."

"Congratulations," I said. "What you have just accomplished is now going to change your life, isn't it?"

"Yes," she responded while nodding her head and wiping away tears.

Let us align with the greatness of our own design until the greatness of greatness itself becomes our only experience! :)

87) Humility :)

Who do you 'want to be' and/or who do you 'want to be around' the most:

1) A highly-intelligent and highly-skilled person who 'climbs to great heights', but who also attempts to 'gain personal satisfaction' and attempts to 'build feelings of self-worth' by proving that 'they are better than' everyone else?

2) Or, a highly-intelligent and highly-skilled person who also 'climbs to great heights', but who always finds an 'honest and genuine' way to either:

A) Interact with others at a compatible 'level of elevation' as if to say, "Hey, we are equals - and if it happens to appear as though I am great in some way, then our interaction here is proof that you must be great too!"

Or B) Interact with others in a way that puts them (others) at an elevation that is 'just a notch above' as if to say, "I respect and admire your intellect and/or skill in this category - it is definitely a notch above my own understanding and/or capabilities. I hope to learn from you."

There are many highly-intelligent and highly-skilled people in this world, but are they 'smart enough', 'skilled enough' and 'wise enough' to become more-and-more like the description in example number two? Might more people who strive to be like the second description help make this a greater world to live in? :)

88) The 'Greater-Than' Direction In Life :)

Are you someone who is determined now to 'make wise choices' that really are going to 'have you moving' more-and-more naturally into the 'greater-than' direction in life?

Or, instead, are you not yet determined to choose the greater-than path, each time you are faced with this natural choice of opposites, so that then you really do 'propel yourself' and really do 'propel your life', more and more, into the greater-and-greater-than direction? 

In many moments throughout each day, we are faced with a simple 'choice of opposites'. One choice is going to take us 'into the greater-than direction' and the other choice simply is not. For example: someone who has 'physical fitness goals' 'fresh in mind' might ask the following question. Should I eat a big meal right now that would keep me from enjoying my 'exercise time' in one hour, or should I eat a smaller meal that is going to allow me to achieve the 'even-greater-than' satisfaction that comes along with sticking to my greater-than-plan?

This is a simple metric that we can enjoy being successful with each day. Imagine how much more momentum we going to enjoy the moment we begin now to channel more-and-more decisions into the 'greater-than direction' of our greater-and-greater lives! Let's do this now and now and 'now and forever' and be glad we did! :)

89) Transforming Failure :)

As we learn-and-grow from each failure in life, let us transform each 'valuable lesson' into the 'rock-and-soil' of our own 'majestic mountain' whose 'growing altitude' simply provides the 'scenic understanding' and simply provides the 'scenic wisdom' that we all need in order to now allow-experience-and-enjoy [learn-and-earn] even more-and-more beautiful success in life!

And, right now really is the right time to embrace, explore and enjoy making greater-and-greater use of all the beautiful-and-valuable lessons that only the 'rock-and-soil' of life's greater-and-greater experiences can provide! :)

90) Eating With Purpose :)

When we take a moment, just before eating, to imagine what positive things we 'plan to do with the energy' that eating-and-digesting are going to provide, we can then allow the power of our unconscious minds to help inspire 'proper-and-fitting choices' in terms of 'which foods to eat' and in terms of 'how much of each food to eat'. This is a simple-and-powerful way to be absolutely certain that our food choices really are going to fit the greater-and-greater narrative that we are now choosing to maintain in the forefront of our happy and healthy minds! :)

All of the posts below are already written, and I am working each day to transfer more-and-more over to this site each day, so stay tuned! :)

91) Never Too Late :)

92) Nature's Reset Button :)

93) Our Daily Allowance :)

94) Art Of Appreciation And Enjoyment :)

95) Get Started :)

96) Limited Time Offer :)

97) Some Things Are Just 'Much More Interesting' :)

98) A 'Greater And More Fulfilling' Place In Life :)

99) Read This, Then Just 'Let Go And Relax' For A Bit :)

100) The Great Big Cast Party :)

101) Do We Deserve To 'Be Happy And Healthy'? :)

102) Becoming :)

103) Pluses & Minuses :)

104) Mastering Freedom! :)

105) The Warrior's Code :)

106) Poem About 'A Secret To Happiness' :)

107) Perhaps The Most Important Concept :)

108) Bright, Sunny and Happy :)

109) The Perfect Question :)

110) Investing Wisely :)

111) Peace Through Freedom :)

112) A Matter Of Life And Death :)

Are you getting a greater-and-greater feeling yet? :)

Feel free to share in the comments below! :)

And, stay tuned! :)

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