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Skateboards Made In The USA - Saving The American Dream!

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

In a recent effort to upgrade my skateboarding gear, I was inspired (after searching) to

discover a how many companies really understand the importance of using

American labor to turn American materials into high quality American products. In other words, from raw materials all the way to the method of delivery, it was really inspiring to see how many great companies really are doing their part to keep the American dream alive and well (see updated list of companies below)!

Scroll Down to See A List Of - Made In The USA - Skateboarding Products!

Politics aside, it’s a fun and exciting adventure to accept the challenge and see how many Made In The USA products we can make good use of as various needs (and desires) arise. It’s also rewarding in so many ways to know that with each (Made In The USA) purchase we make, someone else in this country including family, friends, neighbors and other fellow countrymen in addition to ourselves are going to enjoy all the benefits of having secure employment, safe housing and that overall sense of comfort and joy that comes with knowing we can afford to put good food on the table. This isn’t to suggest, however, anything other than a caring and supportive attitude toward other countries, it’s merely a good suggestion that we do something important to develop strength here in the USA (in terms of secure jobs, safe housing and good food on the table) so that we do in fact have (then) a stable, healthy and self-sustaining platform from which to bring something useful and even more valuable to the rest of the world.

It’s interesting and perhaps even ironic (depending on your point of view) that of the many companies in the United States working with a purposeful aim to keep the American dream alive, skateboard companies are among some of the most dedicated and most successful! This is not surprising since (in terms of brain-types) some of the most creative, intelligent, adaptive and dedicated minds happen to have at least some degree of personal history and connection with skateboarding as one of America’s favorite (and most enduring) activities!

Getting Started

With these things in mind, I started my search to find high-quality skateboarding

equipment made in the USA. The following (see updated list below) is what I'm finding

along the way - including (in the following story) some of the necessary compromises (and unnecessary mistakes) that have occurred along the way.

Initially I checked with a number of local shops (around this beach town) and encountered very few American products along with a general lack of knowledge and interest about such things. Update: (I've since come across a shop owner, now 63, with very deep roots in the skate/surf scene, gets it and is definitely worthy of support - I'll be doing an article soon.) I decided to contact a California based skateboard retailer named Skate Warehouse. This way, I figured, at least the UPS driver will get a piece of the action - and to my pleasant surprise they were quite knowledgable and accommodating!

Mini-Logo Skate Deck

I found a company called Skate-One that builds all of it's skateboard decks using

American materials right here in the USA (Bummer - See Unfortunate Update Below). In addition to producing their high-quality line of Mini-Logo skate decks (aka Militant), SkateOne is also responsible for producing high-quality American made skate decks for Powell Peralta - one of skateboarding's most popular and trusted names (as you're probably aware). So far the quality and performance of this American made skate deck has exceeded my expectations! Update: (As posted on Skate One's Website: "Mini Logo®, Powell Golden Dragon®, Positiv®, Powell-Peralta® Mini, and hoopla® decks are made the same way we do in Santa Barbara but with our partner in China." A rep from Skate One has confirmed with me that all "mini-logo" products are now made in China.)

Independent Trucks (UPDATE: Now Made In China)

From what I've gathered, the Ermico Foundary in California has been making

Independent Trucks since 1978 and has also been making Thunder and Venture trucks

since 1986 and 1989 respectively. All three truck companies are known for high quality materials and design. I've been using Independent Trucks exclusively now for more than twenty years and at one point even skated a set long enough to have ground through the entire top half of the rear axle!

Skateboard Hardware

As I'm writing this, I'm realizing I may have just assumed that the Independent Genuine

Parts hardware I purchased was (like the trucks) going to be made in the USA - which it may be. I'm in the process now of trying to verify whether this is correct or not. As consumers are becoming more aware of what they are purchasing and becoming more aware of the impact such things can have - my hope is that companies will become more clear about where and how their products are manufactured - because (just like their slogan says) I'd prefer to "Accept No Substitutes!" Here is an update - A representative for Independent Trucks just confirmed (06.12.13) that their hardware is made in China. Ouch - my mistake!

Wheels (UPDATE: Now Made In Mexico)

Spitfire wheels caught my attention right away not just because many successful pros

have been using them for years, but because it's made very clear in their advertising

(and on their graphics) that these are 100% Made In The USA. This makes it simple and easy for consumers to make informed decisions without spending hours (and hours) on research! So far this set of wheels has been fast, grip exactly when needed and slide just the way I like - and they promise (apparently) to be even more resistant to those nasty flat-spots. We'll see!

Sometimes It's Just The Thought That Counts

I still haven't found a source for skateboard bearings made in the USA. However, I was at least put (slightly) at ease after reading George Powell's statement (on the Bones Bearings website) about how much thought and care he put into finding and harnessing the bearing technology needed to accommodate high performance skateboard applications. This is the reason why I chose, in this interim period, to purchase a set of Bones Swiss manufactured bearings.

Wish List

I wish Vans Professional Skateboard Shoes were still made in the USA, or at the very least provided (like Fender Guitars) an American option so consumers like me (wanting and willing) to buy made in the USA products would be able to make their voices heard loud and clear. Regardless, Vans has a great American story that will always be inseparable from skateboarding (and bmx) history (Click Here to read the Van's story)

Grip Tape

Here is where I made my biggest mistake. The grip tape I bought is working just fine, but I forgot and didn't ask where it was manufactured until after it had already been

installed and shipped (of course). There are companies (as you'll see in the list below) that provide high-quality grip tape made in the USA. This is a great reminder for me to remember that what is convenient (to the point of being almost automatic) isn't necessarily what we actually need or want. However, anyone who knows a thing or two about skateboarding, and knows how long skate decks (in action) usually don't last, knows I'll have my chance to right this wrong much sooner than later!

Showing Your Aloha Spirit

Aloha in the Hawaiian language means (among other things) to have affection and compassion - something many skateboarders learn to express both on and off the board. And what better way is there (as a skateboarder) to show the world that you choose to live your life with affection and compassion than to fly the flag - and by that I mean wear high quality Hawaiian shirts made right here in the USA!


The Fire Still Burns!

Working Together - A Growing List Of Skateboard Products Made In The USA

Please feel free to help us keep this list as complete and up-to-date as possible. I'll be happy to receive your helpful information as comments or through email: Thank you!

As Production From Big Skate Companies Continues To Drift Into Mexico and China... I think that it's time to emphasize, more than ever, the smaller companies that are at the start of a fresh-new-wave, a fresh-new-wave that is, once again, at the roots of skateboarding (and the American dream) where the larger companies, apparently, feel they can no longer be.


(All listings here are in alphabetical order) (See also: Factory Tours at bottom of page)

Skateboard Decks - Made In The USA

- Ammo USA (made by Chapman Skateboards): Website Link

- Anthem Skateboards:

- AZPX Industries: Website Link

- BlankSkateDeck.Com: Website Link

- Bustin Boards: Website Link (see Made In The USA declaration below)

- Chapman Skateboards: Website Link

- Churchill Skateboards: Website Link

- Comet Skateboards: Website Link

- CSD : Website Link

- Custom Skateboards: Website Link

* Brands Made By Custom Skateboards: Website Link

- Deckcrafters: Website Link

- Drifter Skateboard Manufacturing: Website Link

- Ehlers Longboards: Website Link

- Foundation (Tum Yeto / Watson Laminates): Website Link

(Almost all Foundation boards are made in the USA - Find the Made In USA sticker to be sure)

- Gravity Skateboards: Website Link

- G.U.S.T. Skateboards: Website Link (see Made In The USA declaration below!)

- Jet American Skateboards: Website Link

- Lib Tech Skateboards: Website Link

- Lockdown (made by Chapman Skateboards): Website Link

- Madrid: [Thank you Rick!]

- Patines Americanos ( Tum Yeto / Watson Laminates): Website Link

- Pennswood Skateboard Manufacturing: Website Link

- Pitfall: [Thank you Rick!]

- POW!!skateboards (made by Chapman Skateboards): Website Link

- Prime Skateboards USA: Website Link

- Sector 9 - All boards Proudly Made In The USA except bamboo boards: Website Link

- South Central Skateboards: Website Link

- Splitt Lipp Skateboard Manufacturer: Website Link

- SHUT Skateboards NYC (made by Chapman Skateboards): Website Link

- Watson Laminates: Website Link

- Wounded Knee (made by Chapman Skateboards): Website Link

- Zoo York (made by Chapman Skateboards): Website Link

Design Your Own Skateboard, Wheels, Grip Tape and Graphics!

- Custom Skateboards: Website Link

* Create Your Own Brand to Sell On Custom Skateboard's Website: Web Link

Skateboard Trucks - Made In The USA

- Buck Trucks: Website Link

- Gravity Trucks: Website Link

- Thunder Trucks: Website Link (see Made In The USA declaration below)

- Vander Trucks: Stay Tuned!

- Venture Trucks: Website Link (see Made In The USA declaration below)

Skateboard Wheels - Made In The USA

- ABEC 11 Wheels (made by Jet American Skateboards): Website Link

- Better Wheels: Website Link

- Bones Wheels: Website Link

- Bustin Boards: Website Link (see Made In The USA declaration below)

- Churchill Wheels: Website Link

- Creative Urethanes (a company that has been there from the very beginning): Website Link

- Gravity Wheels: Website Link

- Kontrol Wheels: Website Link

- Pavement Wheels: Website Link (see Made In The USA declaration below!)

- Pi Wheels: Website Link

- Pig Wheels (made by Creative Urethanes): Website Link

- Seismic Skate Systems (Thank You, Mitch!): Website Link...

- Zaza Wheels: Website Link

Skateboard Bearings - Made In The USA

- At this time I'm unaware of any skateboard bearings made in the USA. Hopefully we'll be adding to this list soon!

Skateboard Hardware - Made In The USA

BeerNutz Hardware: Website Link

Treatment Hardware: Website Link (see Made In The USA declaration below!)

Skateboard Grip Tape - Made In The USA

- Arbor Skateboards: Website Link

- Gravity Grip Tape: Website Link

- Jessup Grip Tape: Website Link

- Negative One / Wooster Grip Tape: Website Link / Website Link

Skateboard Protective Gear

- Kanoa Surf (Flyaway) Helmets: Website Link

- Pro-Designed (knee pads, elbow pads and more): Website Link

Clothing and Apparel

- Anthem Skateboards:

- Wave Shoppe Fine Hawaiian Clothing: Website Link

- Replacement Laces (Shoe Laces): Website Link:

Factory Tours

- Bones Wheels Factory Tour: Website Link

- Churchill Manufacturing Factory Tour: Website Link

- Custom Skateboards Factory Tour: Website Link

- Drifter Skateboard Manufacturing: Website Link

- Pennswood Skateboard Manufacturing: Website Link

- Sk8Factory Tour: Website Link

- Skate One / Powell Skateboards Tour: Website Link

- Venture Trucks Factory Tour: Website Link


- Creative Urethanes (History Of): Link

- Tod Swank / Watson Laminates / Tum Yeto: Link

- Metallica Skateboards: Website Link

- Custom Skateboard Manufacturer - Print On Demand: Website Link


In Their Own Words - Made In The USA!

Declarations made By Individual Companies

Anthem Skateboards... Hi Nate, Thank you for your post on skateboard products that are made in the USA. I wanted to let you know about Anthem Skateboards -- we are a new brand dedicated to making all of our products here in the good ol' USA! Check us out at and let me know if you have any questions. Cheers,

-John Knotts Founder, Anthem Skateboards

Arbor Skateboards… Hey Nate, Thanks for the love! Our decks are made in the USA, along with our wheels, and also the clear grip tape and regular we use. Cheers!

Bustin Boards… Thanks for the Bustin interest! Our boards and wheels are proudly made right here in the USA. The boards are pressed on the East coast and wheels are manufactured out West. ***[The SurfRodz collaboration trucks that we offer are also manufactured here in New England.] We have always tried to make sure that we keep manufacturing as close to home as possible. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with or if you have any additional questions!

*** Update: Our decks and wheels are USA made, but the trucks are made overseas. Honestly from our 20 years experience in the industry the cost of USA made trucks are way higher and the quality is the same or less than trucks made overseas.

Most independent, Paris, and Caliber trucks are now all made overseas, as are all of our trucks.

Hope this helps, Let me know if you have any other questions!

G.U.S.T. Skateboards / Pavement Wheels...Our skateboards decks are 100% usa made and are the best possible quality with the best pop and shapes around.g.u.s.t. skate co was started in march of 2007 with the mission of helping to get girls get the sponsorship they well deserved. things have surely changed since starting the brand and we are so excited to have seen the major change!we hope it our wheels from our other company we also did lots of research and development on wood and shapes and pop etc.many deck manufacturers take shortcuts at producing their boards in china,mexico or wherever they can to cut corners or get a cheap deal to save money (but as anyone knows those cheap shortcuts will cost you in the long run). some companies send boards overseas and get a graphic put on it (and some companies use lead paint for those graphics by the way) and then it gets sent back to them and the boards stay on a ship for 30 days or more which makes the boards become soggy and makes them delaminate after a few months or they will sometimes use trees that have only been alive for 10 years (specifically planted just for skateboards) and cut them down and use them as wood for boards thus making the boards very weak and low quality and pop disappears in no time and as history shows the longer a tree has been alive the stronger it is thus why the best made skateboards are made from wood in the great lakes region and have been around for 500 or so years as for boards done in mexico they are very flimsy and break/crack very easily with no problem at all.we here at c.b. distribution have been skating for a few decades and even if skateboard companies do not want to label where their products are made (or they want to lie about their place of origin)we have been skating so long that we can tell if a board is made in america just by tapping it on the ground cause the way they sound is very distinctive as american boards have a nice loud sound and foreign boards kind of have a low quality dull sound for instance but maybe it is just a talent we have... (i also have a good ear for sound due to being a musician for a really long time). we are always more than happy to explain our products or give knowledge where it is needed. sorry it is long im just one of those ppl that can just go on and on about something lol Wheels... We started in november of 2012 in dundalk,maryland we are very environmentally conscious as our wheels are not only usa made (we dont believe in outsourcing as all our hard goods are made in the usa and we will never out source them) but also made with recycled urethane so nothing is wasted or atleast have some sort of minimum impact on the environment. our wheels are also uv protected to keep them from turning that horrible ugly yellow color.we ship our products very fast as many people would normally have to wait a week to get their product but we dont believe in that.we believe that people want to hurry up and get their stuff so they can skate so we always ship priority mail (2-3 days to receive order).we are always available for orders.we did research and development for 10 years on our wheels and urethane and we can promise that you are in good hands! #ridethepavement

Thunder Trucks & Venture Trucks (Thank you, Mitch!)... Thunder and Venture trucks are both hand poured and assembled in San Francisco, California. We have no plans of moving to anywhere outside of the states. Our offices and warehouse are attached to the factory where the trucks are made. We have friends over there and see the hard work they put in every day. Hope this info helps, if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out.

Treatment Hardware... Treatment skateboard wardware is a high quality, unique, 100% american made skateboard hardware company out of Tucson Arizona. Treatment is a branch off of Royalty Distribution Co. carrying products with an all new approach. Treatemnt is looking for new skateboard shops to form business relations with, carry Treatment products in your store today! email for all information! send us your questions, comments and concerns. beome a dealer of Treatment today with the treatment shop package! includes 24 sets of hardware in our signature pharmacy bottle with a treatment sticker, signs and a full color counter top display! just an online store? we have a deal for you as well! contact today!

Graveyard - No Longer Made In USA!

Thank You To Our Great Readers Who Are Helping To Keep This List Up To Date!

- Arbor Skateboards: Website Link (Now Made In China)

- Hopps Skateboards: Website Link (Now Made In Mexico)

- Independent Trucks: Website Link (Now Made In China)

- Sector 9: Website Link (Now Made In China)

- Powell-Peralta (made by Skate One): Website Link (A report came in that these are now Made In China)

- Spitfire Wheels: Website Link (Now Made In Mexico)


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