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Virtual Jam Band Details!


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How We Can Work Together To

Hone Your Skills!

[This simply a genius way to master music making!]


1) Choose a track from the growing list of samples below

(I will send guitar-tab and a backing track via email)

2) Learn The Simple Bass Line & Chord Part (or just practice soloing)

(I can walk you through this basic material in a one-on-on virtual lesson

if needed for a standard lesson fee)

3) Record a separate bass, chord and your own solo track (or just record a solo track)

(I will provide simple instructions for how to record your tracks using a Smart Phone, computer or other basic recording device)

4) Email your tracks to me and I will assemble them into an audio format, just like the sample tracks below, and then send a completed copy back to you.

5) Listen to the musical quality of your "final product" and then do what all successful musicians do - devise a plan to make it even better!

6) Repeat this powerful process with one or more tracks to develop, define and re-define your playing over time (instead of hoping that your playing just magically gets better without being properly structured to do so).

7) If you would like to take steps together in order to improve your playing and track-making, I can help you (separate from the following program) with virtual in-person and/or group lessons.  In this way we can work together to help you take valuable steps up to the next level!


How Much, How Long and What Is Included!

If you are ready join Nate's Virtual Jam Band and have you and I working together to hone your skills, here is how much, how long and what is included:

What Is Included With Band Membership: For 30 days I will work with you to assemble your tracks.  In other words, you will choose which track or tracks to work on.  I will send backing tracks and guitar tab to your email address.  You will then record (I will provide instructions for how to do this simply) and send your individual recordings to me via email.  I will multi-track them and send you completed audio files like the samples below.  And, if you would like feedback, I will be happy to let you know in a paragraph or two, what seems to be working and what areas, if any, might benefit from improvement.  (Please allow approximately 1-2 days for the return of your project files although typical turnaround times should be much quicker.)


How Long: As mentioned above, this membership to benefit from having your own personal recording engineer and producer will go on for 30 days from purchase.

How Much: The cost for your complete 30-day membership is the same as what I typically charge for one half-hour-long music lesson.


For More Details, Please Feel Free To Email Me At:


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