Tai Chi For Greater Health and Fitness

I have my own personal a set of balance, relaxation, coordination, strength, and flexibility exercises that I practice on a regular basis.  At this point, my practice (to achieve and maintain greater fitness and health) is best described as tai-chi-and-yoga inspired, rather than traditional in any way.  

If you are someone who needs to get into healthy alignment with the body's natural design features for being balanced, relaxed, coordinated, fit, and flexible, then this practical approach, that I refer to as Effortless-Body-And-Mind, might be a great fit for you as well.



I am a certified professional tai chi and chi gong instructor, as well as a certified professional NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming) and Hypnosis Practitioner.  My own personal approach to achieve and maintain greater fitness and health is a reflection of many years of experience.  My goal is to share these exercises with those who might benefit as I have, but to do so without making any claims or promises.  This, the Effortless-Body-And-Mind approach, is designed to provide the platform we all need in order to reach our full potential for achieving greater fitness and health.

Private and Semi-Private Sessions Are Available - Feel Free To Inquire If You Are Interested In Learning More.

Other Coordination Based Models


Effortless Body And Mind Model

In a nut shell, while trying not to sound esoteric: Many years ago, I found a simple way to coordinate the body and the mind into a natural state that feels like physical, mental and emotional effortlessness.  It is much different from perfection, which I have not accomplished - instead this is an enjoyable form of art that is available to most anyone who's actions and intentions can become coordinated to aim at the same healthy target.

Running Model

The type of training I provide can be very helpful for runners and athletes who want to develop a deeply relaxed sense of power and coordination.

Bowling Model

Bowling was something I enjoyed as a kid, and I had forgotten all about it for more than 25 years.  Then one day I saw video of Jason Belmont's effortless precision and power on the lanes, along with his unique two-handed style and decided to model his technique.  Learning to spin and propel a 15 pound ball down a 60 foot lane with relaxation and any level of precision turned out to be quite challenging.  But, here (below) is the basic Belmonte model and I am happy to leave the rest to the pros!

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