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- Slow Blues

The following video has some solid licks that contain the "secret sauce"!  Feel free to take from it as you would like!  Or, if you are a current student, you might consider using this etude as a good learning-vehicle during our lessons together.  


This Blues Etude Demonstrates The Following:


- A simple rhythmic structure that gives you complete control over the start, finish and total duration of each phrase.


- A simple structure for when to play chord tones so that your soloing always fits the chord progression.


- An underlying accent pattern that invites your phrasing to flow naturally with musical momentum from point to point.


- A series of phrases that are built from smaller components that make it easy to reuse and reorganize in the name of being creative and expressive.  


- A set of techniques designed to help you get your scale sounding more and more like authentic blues.


- And more.

Basic Guitar

- Lean On Me: Click Here

- Happy Birthday Melody: Click Here

- Happy Birthday Chords: Click Here

- Rhythm: Click Here

- Rhythmic Note Values: Click Here

- Guitar Scales: Click Here

- Rock And Blues / Two Chord Song: Click Here

- Open Chords: Click Here

- First Position Scale: Click Here

- Twinkle Twinkle Melody: Click Here

- Twinkle Twinkle Chords: Click Here

- Knockin' On Heaven's Door: Click Here

- Hey Jude: Click Here

Blues and Rock Guitar

- Open A Shuffle: Click Here

- A Minor Blues Scale: Click Here

- Closed A Shuffle: Click Here

- Blues Chords / Quarter Note CompingClick Here

- Charleston Comping Level 1: Click Here 

- Blues Bass Line 1: Click Here

- I-IV-V Chord Configurations: Click Here

- Blues and Rock Rhythms: Click Here

Advanced Material

- Charleston Comping Level 2: Click Here

- Two Key Blues Licks / Rhythm Study: Click Here

- Blues Etude - Using The Entire Fretboard: Click Here

- Four Blues Turnarounds: Click Here

- Blues Bass Line 2: Click Here

- Blues Roots and Rhythms: Click Here

- Blues Solo Sound Pack 1: Click Here

- Mean Things Vocal EtudeClick Here

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