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How To Bowl "Two-Handed" Like Jason Belmonte! #2Handed

July 6, 2019



This video demonstrates how to bowl, two-handed, like Jason Belmonte.  And here is a transcript:



Hey everybody, my name is Nate Fegan and welcome to my video for how to bowl like Jason Belmonte.


My goal is to make and share the kind of video that really would have helped me, just over a year ago, when I first became inspired to learn how to bowl two-handed like Jason Belmonte.  Hopefully this video is going to help a lot of bowlers have the kind of fun and success that goes right along with learning how to bowl with greater and greater form!  


And by the way, if you happen to be a left-handed bowler, be sure to check out the left-handed edition of this same video.  You can find a link in the description below.


Okay, to get started I stand on a slight angle, compared to the lane, with the right shoulder dropped just a bit and with the ball held in a relaxed position in front of my right hip.  


Next, notice the semi circle I make, with my feet, as I move toward the foul line.  This semi-circle provides a smooth approach in order to establish both the launch point and the launch angle.  I think of my first two steps as helping me get into position, in terms of establishing the launch point.   I think of my third step as being a pivot step - and then I think of my last two steps as helping me establish direction and momentum into the launch angle. More on this in just a moment. 


The next thing to notice is the way I curve my spine and pressure the ball into a small push-away in front of my right hip.  When I do this I rotate my right wrist into a clockwise direction in a motion that reminds me of dumping water from a cup off to the right side of my body.   At the end of this movement of the wrist, the back of my hand is parallel with the ground. Notice how the curve in the spine provides a relief zone for me to bring the ball back along my right hip as I am stepping with the left foot into that third pivot step I mentioned earlier. 


This is the moment when I lift the ball straight up and bend my upper body into a direction that matches the launch angle.  The ball comes up with a bent arm that then straightens as it is moved right up next to the body before being released right beside the front leg as if trying to send it toward the seven pin.  Notice how the upper body movements, in this section, coincide with the planted right foot and sliding left foot.  


Now, there are a lot of details that simply did not make it into this video, but… there are a few details that are important enough for me to mention, right now, before you zip out to your favorite bowling center and to have fun improving your two-handed bowling form.  


Notice that when I lift the ball into the backswing, straighten the arm, and bring it right up next to my body, I create something like a small loop that puts the ball on a path that passes right next to my front leg.  Notice, also, that my swing plane and launch angle converge on a slight angle (in front of my body) that gives me leverage to put side spin / revs on the ball while the main, overriding force, coming from my body as it moves along the launch angle, sends the ball right to the break point. In other words, it really does feel like my right arm is trying to send the ball toward the seven pin, but watch – it really does go right along the launch point angle and to the break point!


If you like this video, feel free to stay connected and visit the two-handed bowling forum that is live on my website!  Have Fun!


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