The Guitarist's Guide To: How A Blues Band Works!

First: Three Basic Ways To Make Music Successfully!

There are three basic ways to make music successfully, whether solo or in a band:

1) We can memorize the sight, sound and feel of the music and then reproduce what has been memorized.

2) We can work to understand the, sight, sound and feel of the music and then reproduce and create (music) based upon our understanding of it.

And 3), We can train the brain-and-body to generate a natural blend of methods #1 and #2 so that quoted and improvised musical ideas can then flow just as smoothly and just as naturally as our command of the spoken word (which also makes blended-use of both quoted and improvised material).

Now: How A Blues Band Works!

With that said, there are a number of straight-for-the-target learning-methods that we can employ in order to understand how a blues band works. The trick is to grow our musical understanding through actual playing experience - this form of understanding is relatively easy to develop and is going to be much easier to act upon than intellectual knowledge alone.

Getting Started!

To get started, we need to establish four basic elements that every successful blues guitar player needs to have well-established.

1) The ability to generate various grooves using the "strumming hand" over muted strings.

2) The ability to generate a variety of blues bass-lines on the guitar.

3) The ability to represent the harmony using chords.

And 4) The ability to play blues riffs and single note blues solos.

Okay, now that we have established a basic intellectual frame-work, it is time to put the first three elements to work in a unique way that is going to help us develop and discover a deeper understanding of how a blues band works, and this unique experience is going to help us grow more-and-more confident-and-competent as players!

Using The Video!

In the one-minute video below, you are going to be prompted for when to match me while applying elements one-through-three. If you do not yet know how to generated elements one-through-three, just watch and listen while knowing and celebrating that you now have a clear-and-simple goal for what basics to learn in order to get started with the blues in a great way!

Just In Case: Here Are Three Ways To Learn Elements One-Through-Four & "Master" The Blues!

1) All four elements are demonstrated with guitar-tab and up-close/slow-tempo videos on Nate's Blues Guitar Site (a member site). Click Here To Learn More!

2) Join one of my weekly group-blues-guitar classes - beginners and drop-ins are always welcome. Click Here To Email For More Info!

3) Join me live and in-person for private lessons, online, in order to have fun getting deeper into the blues! Click Here To Email For More Info!

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PS. Here is a backing track for the practice composition you heard in the video above. The title is "BB's Blues Solo #3" and the guitar-tab with up-close/slow-tempo is available on my member site:

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