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Updated: May 30, 2020

Welcome To My Growing List Of Online Mini-Courses for Guitar Instruction, Blues Guitar Instruction, Beginner Piano Instruction, Beginner B3 Organ Instruction!

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Greetings All!

I would like to make an official declaration. I love the adventure of learning and growing forward, doesn't everyone? I love getting to the bottom of things to reveal secrets behind what makes them work, and I love the way each concept learned then instantly contributes to that adventurous feeling of having forward momentum in life that is so easy to get hooked upon.

One thing I have discovered is that mastery occurs the moment something finally becomes simple and basic for us, both in our understanding and in our execution. This is exciting because the activity of learning, I have found, is so much easier when we aim for what is simple and basic. In other words, when we aim to learn things in their most simplified and most basic forms, we are already standing right next to the door that can lead us straight to mastery! I love this!

I also love teaching. I love the way each student has unique potential to take aim straight for the target and really learn. I also love the way each student's uniqueness provides many creative avenues for the most meaningful discoveries to take place.

Once a person begins to feel this momentum that comes right along with the adventure of learning, they simply want to keep it going. Our options, then, are to go deeper and/or to expand our horizons.

With that said, once we decide to learn something new, our first steps are the most important. Our first steps determine whether or not we are actually going to get started on the right track to make learning feel easy, fun and rewarding enough enjoy reaching, and eventually exceeding, our first set of goals.

So, here (below) is my list of online mini-courses to share with those who see life as a forward moving adventure for which learning provides the greatest path!

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Making Music

- Group Guitar Workshops - Online!

- Get Started On Guitar: For Complete Beginners!

- How To Strum The Acoustic Guitar: Beginner - Intermediate!

- How To Make Music The Simple [Band-Centric] Way!

- Instant Blues & Rock Guitar: Beginner - Intermediate!

- Advancing Concepts For Blues Guitar (1,2,3,4): Beginner - Advancing!

- Blues Etudes For Electric Guitar: Intermediate - Advancing!

- How To Solo Using Blues Guitar Licks: Beginner - Intermediate!

- Rhythm Section Concepts For Blues Guitar: Beginner - Intermediate!

- Get Started On Piano: For Complete Beginners!

- B3 Organ-Style Blues: For Beginners!

- Practical Music Theory: Beginner - Intermediate!

- Fretboard Navigation For Guitar: Beginner - Intermediate!

- Basic Beats For Rhythmic Development - Becoming Musical: Beginner - Intermediate!

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