Ronnie's Jazz-Blues Jam!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Greetings Everybody!

Let's have another fun jam session!

Let's get our blues community of complete-beginners all the way to super-star-professionals :) together now for a fun "record-and-share" jam session!

Just below is a Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters inspired instrumental.

1) Get into the groove (Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters have called you up on stage)!

2) Record yourself playing a guitar solo in YouTube video format (Let Loose & Have Fun)!

And Then 3) Post your video-link in the comments section (here and on YouTube)! It takes guts to do this, I know, but it really is a lot of fun to share, compare and comment among friends in our blues-jam community!

Here Is Your Track To Get Started!

Ronnie's Groove!

Guitar Tab With An Up-Close / Slow-Tempo Video To Learn Ronnie's Groove

Is Available At Nate's Blues Guitar Site!]


Plug in, get to it and I will be looking for you in the comments section!


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