Rhythm Section Concepts For Blues Guitar: Beginner - Intermediate!

Updated: May 30, 2020

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Did you know that playing chordal accompaniment, otherwise known as “rhythm guitar”, in a band is actually a ton of fun? In fact, it can be a real blast! Think about it - the rhythm section is the part of the band that makes people feel like dancing and it’s also the part the makes the singers, melody makers and soloists sound great! Plus, when you are playing with a skilled drummer and bass player, the changing dynamics on stage generate a form of on-the-spot music making that is both creative and fully alive! What else could you want? Well, how about this… become a great accompanist anda great soloist! Then, you can have a truly great time all night long during each and every performance!

In the video above, I demonstrated more than twenty-five rhythm guitar concepts for blues. If you are interested in becoming a better rhythm guitar player for blues playing, I recommend that we start with a four-week approach and see where that takes us. In addition, it might be wise for us to begin with some of the most versatile patterns first and then add more as needed and/or as desired. Also, did you know that becoming a better accompanist almost instantly makes us better soloists? That is a great bonus!

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