Practical Music Theory: Beginner - Intermediate!

Updated: May 30, 2020

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Here is one of my online mini-courses to share with those who see life as a forward moving adventure for which learning provides the greatest path!

If I had to choose between having a great musical skill and just having great theoretical knowledge about music, I would most certainly choose to have great musical skill. However, since we do not have to choose just one or the other, I can let you know, with a high degree of certainty, that having a good understanding of basic music theory really does provide an organizing factor that really does make a big difference.

If you are someone who has a need and is interested in learning basic music theory, I have a proposal for you.

I recommend that you take my four-week basic music theory class so that you can understand:

- Scales and Arpeggios

- Chords (including how to build your own)

- Keys (and chord progressions)

- Intervals (for building scales, chords and chord progressions)

- Rhythms (including how to read and write basic rhythms)

- How To Locate Notes On The Grand Staff (which is actually very easy)

- How To Understand And Communicate Musical Concepts (with other musicians)

- And More.

One of the goals is to help each student learn to “see” how music theory relates to their own instrument as well as how it relates to the keyboard (if their main instrument does not happen to be keyboard related). This is an important method of approach because the keyboard makes it easy to see, produce and hear certain musical concepts that are otherwise not possible to produce and/or are hidden from view on another instrument.

With that said, I invite you to take my four-week mini-course for how to learn Practical Music Theory: Beginner – Intermediate. I have been teaching this course for many years and have developed a realistic formula that really does help players have fun getting started on what can quickly become a great life-long musical journey!

This personalized, one-on-one, course is available via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Google-Hangout, etc, and scheduling can be flexible.

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