Mental Game: This Simple Formula Changes Lives!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

If I Were Leaving This Earth Tomorrow and Could

"Share Only One Thing", It Would Be This...

Being Happy, Successful, Creative, Adventurous, and In-Love-With-Life Begins

The Moment We Establish and Maintain A Great Personal Narrative.

"Yeah, yeah, everybody knows that already," right? Yes, in theory, that is true! But look around, if "everybody knows that already", then why are so many people still suffering miserably from having such poorly crafted narratives?

Part of the truth is that Establishing A Great Personal Narrative is probably the last thing the average person is thinking about. They are simply too busy suffering from the effects of having a poorly crafted narrative to possibly imagine another way of living. It is often easier for them simply to blame "circumstances beyond their control" and/or blame others, than to see clearly how to take internal-responsibility and turn things around.

How Do I Know This?

The Simple Answer Is That I Have Been On Both Sides Of The Equation.

And, Because Of My Own Personal Experiences I Was Able To Arrive At The Following Formula:

Positive Narratives Lead To Positive Attitudes Lead To

Positive Intentions Lead To Positive Actions!

This Is It - This Is The Simple Formula That Changes Lives!

So Now What?

The next step is to train the mind until this formula becomes a deeply ingrained part of your internal / unconscious make-up. The trick is to program your brain to do, by design, what it already wants todo, which is be successful.

How Do I Do This?

Here is the Short Answer: Read and recite the entire series of specially designed reflections and affirmations that I have created. Do this on a regular basis while looking for and feeling for the formula above, written in blue, to become the driving force behind each one of your thoughts and each one of your actions. Understand, as you are reading, that I have created an entire series of reflections and affirmations that are at once: positive, constructive and mechanically sound. Your job is simply to read and recite the reflections and affirmations on a regular basis until Positive Narratives, Positive Attitudes, Positive Intentions, and Positive Actions become the driving force behind each one of your thoughts

and each one of your actions!

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