How To Solo Using Blues Guitar Licks: Beginner - Intermediate!

Updated: May 30, 2020

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If you are like me, at one time - or another - you were mesmerized by how a blues or rock player (not to mention jazz) could just improvise solos until the sun went down. "How do they do that?" I used to wonder.

From the listener's standpoint, it might seem as though there is just a continuous flow of new notes and ideas. This is a great illusion that is a lot of fun for the listener. But, if that same listener then tried to create and play their own solo based only upon their misunderstanding of this illusion, they would likely be off track right from the beginning and would have little chance of being effective. Does that make any sense? In other words, to create the illusion for the listener, that there is a continuous flow of new notes and ideas, the player - like any well-trained illusionist - needs to know the mechanical "secret" for how the illusion gets created. They need inside information!

Great solos are created in a number of different ways. First, there is process-oriented playing. In this type of playing, the musician works with raw materials like rhythms, scales, chord sounds, and scale/chord relationships in order to, essentially, create fresh ideas. Second, after a musician has done this successfully for enough time, they then have an internal library of licks and phrases that can just fly off of the "fingers" at a moment's notice without having to do much at all in the way of conscious-level thinking. Third, a musician might also have licks and phrases that they have learned from other musicians that they have played into and out of enough times to then have those sounds also flying off of the "fingers" at a moment's notice (without having to do much at all in the way of conscious-level thinking).

At this point an accomplished musician can simply think and communicate in sounds, and when they take the stage with other accomplished musicians, a great conversation can take place that sounds just like a continuous flow of new notes and ideas!

In the video, above, I have demonstrated how individual licks can be assembled into a sequence that sounds like a complete solo. And the good news is that even complete beginners can take proper steps to build the kind of musical program that is going to let notes fly just like a pro!

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