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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Greetings All!

Recently a group of students and I had a fun chance to do a series of group guitar workshops together. We completed each session online using video-conferencing and I am now inspired to explore further!

Currently, I have a small group that is going to meet once a week to work on blues! Plus, I would like to start another group for absolute beginners - so, here is what I am proposing!

Mastering Blues-Basics!*

This weekly workshop revolves around the idea that working to master-the-basics leads us most naturally to experience greater music-making, both within the blues and well-beyond! In this way, the material covered, each week, is going to be fit for both beginners and for advancing students, alike, while allowing each student to interface and grow forward with this material at his/her own level.

- In this class we remain focused upon elements and exercises that lead most directly to the kind of "real-McCoy" playing experience that we all really want. We are going to be focused on some of the most important concepts, the kinds of concepts that pros rely upon in order to have and apply their skill-set. This includes learning how to groove, how to use harmonic rhythm (improve soloing over chord changes), how to be creative and flexible while comping, how to transpose (change keys) like a pro / the easy way, how to play with interest-intensity-and-emotion, and much more!

This is the hold-our-feet-to-the-fire and keep-us-aimed-straight-for-the-target method that is going to keep us focused-and-awake long enough to get real and measureable results from our practice time.

Beginner-Guitar Basics (acoustic or electric)!*

This weekly workshop revolves around the idea that first-steps are often some of the most important-steps. For many years I have been teaching group guitar classes for absolute beginners and I have found, through time, that there really is a great way to get started that is - at once - fun, confidence-building and musically rewarding (for both the student and teacher)! This is a great workshop series for complete-beginners, refreshers and advancing-beginners, alike, who need to stay tuned to the basics long enough to then accomplish a great lifetime of musical enjoyment!

More Info About Both Workshops:

Both workshops are going to be offered on a weekly basis and will be open for students to come and go just as long as there is room in class to do so. Our current cap is set at four students per session in order to maximize the quality in this unique and interactive group setting.

Our Current Line-up Of Workshops Is Being Offered On The Following Days:

- Mastering Blues-Basics: Wednesday Evenings from 7:15-8:45pm EST

- Beginner-Guitar Basics: Tuesday Evenings from 7:15-8:45pm EST

*This is your great opportunity to answer important musical questions that you have, sharpen your musical skill-set and answer questions that you didn't know to ask!

For More Info and To Register

Contact me at

I am looking forward to being in class with you!


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