Bluegrass / "The Kingston Express" Jam!

Greetings Everybody!

Let's have another fun jam session!

Let's get our blues community of "complete-beginners" all the way to "super-star-professionals" together now for a fun "record-and-share" jam session!

Just below is a fun Bluegrass composition called The Kingston Express!

1) Get into the groove (you've just been called up on stage at the Grand Ole Opry to play this one like bluegrass, swing and/or blues)!

2) Record yourself playing a guitar solo in YouTube video format (Let Loose & Have Fun)!

And Then 3) Post your video-link in the comments section (Here on YouTube and/or on our FB Page)! It takes guts to do this, I know, but it really is a lot of fun to share, compare and comment among friends in our blues-jam community!

Here Is Your Track To Get Started!

The Kingston Express!

Guitar Tab With An Up-Close / Slow-Tempo Video for "The Kingston Express"

Will Be Available Soon At Nate's Blues Guitar Site!]


Plug in, get to it and I will be looking for you in the comments section!


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