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Benedetto Archtop Guitars - A Beautiful Gallery!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Benedetto has built since 1968, and is still building today, is truly inspiring. Whether you are

a luthier, a musician, an art lover, or someone who just loves celebrating another great American story unfolding right before the eyes - Robert Benedetto's lifetime of achievement thus far provides something truly valuable for all to experience and enjoy!

Soon after discovering Benedetto's beautiful hand-crafted guitars I purchased his 276 page book (Making An Archtop Guitar) and his 91/2 hour video collection (Archtop Guitar Design and Construction) and then spent hours, as you can imagine, learning to really appreciate (short of actually building one) the kind of incredible artistry, skill and true craftsmanship that goes into each hand-built masterpiece. Perhaps this is why it brings me such great pleasure to share the following (absolutely beautiful) photographs and encourage readers further to explore Benedetto's Website, like Benedetto's Facebook page and ultimately (with absolute delight) to embrace and play (for yourself) an authentic Benedetto Guitar just as soon you have the unique opportunity to do so...

Just one last story before we begin enjoying thoroughly such an exciting adventure that awaits… Many years ago I spoke on the phone with Bob Benedetto who very kindly and patiently answered questions I had about archtops even after confessing immediately that financially I wasn't in a position to purchase one of his instruments. He was very giving and helpful in that conversation for which I was immediately grateful. More than fifteen years after that phone conversation (and about a month before the time of this writing) I took a leap of faith the moment I found, seemingly by fate, one of his laminated archtop Bravo models at Bernunzio Uptown Music (a great shop) and made my first Benedetto purchase. All I can say, aside from thank you to Mr. Benedetto for creating the more affordable Professional Series for which the Bravo is a part, is that if Benedetto's laminated archtop guitars sound and feel this incredible and amazing (according to my own experience), then I can only take additional pleasure in imagining what it must be like to actually play one of his hand-carved archtop models. This leads me to the exciting conclusion that there must then in fact be some level of human experience that exists beyond that of complete and total satisfaction!

2021 Update: This article was originally published on December 5th, 2013. Since then, a lot has changed. For a time I felt that I needed to work on other musical projects, both in the areas of gigging and in the creation of 'Nate's Blues Guitar Site'. During that time period the Bravo was sold and went to the next lucky owner. Now the time finally feels right to dig into some jazz guitar. This time, however, I have a new approach that, for me, is finally making jazz guitar 'even more fun' and 'even more rewarding' than it has ever been! Here, played on my trusty 'Jazz Stratocaster' :) is Episode Three of my new jazz series:

Is there going to be another jazz guitar in my future? Hmm, it is certainly tempting. Up to this point I have been fortunate enough to have owned, played and/or gigged on a Washburn J6, Ephiphone (made in USA semi-hollow), Guild Artist Award, Moll Laminated 7-String, Moll Carved-Top 7-String, and a Benedetto Bravo. Time will tell, but this time I think I am more inclined to look into a semi-hollow body or even a solid-body jazz guitar that is going to provide the kind of punchy tone I have in mind for my updated approach to creating jazz lines. Of course, I might just keep on being happy with my trusty 'Jazz Strat'. Time will tell - stay tuned!

Now, for the breathtaking moment you've been waiting for...

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