Beginner Two-Handed Bowling Course!

Updated: Mar 2

Some time ago I decided that I would love to learn how to bowl two-handed like Jason Belmonte. Simply put, I saw Jason Belmonte for the first time on an episode of Dude Perfect and became inspired to see if I could learn how to make ten-pin bowling strikes like the two-handed master!

1) Here, in this video, is one of the first moments when I realized just how much fun it really is to turn on the revs and make those bowling pins fly using the two-handed bowling technique!

2) The following shot, in the video below, reflects further exploration of the possibilities!

3) There is more to learn!

I believe that the shot I am seeking lies somewhere between the first video and the second, and I am still in hot pursuit!

- My Top Scores So Far and Why They Doesn't Matter

Speaking of aiming, my two top scores, thus far, are 241 and 247. In both cases, I can say that it really was a lot of fun getting nine out of twelve possible strikes, but the truth is that both top scores occurred on "house patterns" that are designed specifically with "just enough hook" and "just enough hold" to help funnel the ball right into the pocket. In this way, those scores do not mean that I am in any way close to being a good bowler yet. In fact, as I am working and exploring to develop better technique, I am just as capable of scoring well below 100!

4) What Is Next?

Well, I am a teacher and that means that just as soon as I feel that I have a two-handed bowling approach that others might like to learn, I will be creating and sharing an interactive learning platform on my website:! If you would like to be notified when updated learning material becomes available, feel free to email me with a request to receive bowling updates!

5) Free Instructional Videos For Two-Handed Bowling!

You might already be aware that I have two instructional videos already on Youtube (one right-handed edition and one left-handed edition). Both videos provide a great overview of what is taking place in the second video above. I will include both links below for you to explore!

Right-Hand Edition!

Left-Handed Edition!

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