Advancing Concepts For Blues Guitar: Beginner - Intermediate!

Updated: May 30, 2020

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Many moons ago, I fell in love with blues guitar and blues guitar playing. There was just something about it that really grabbed me and said, "This is it - go for it!"

Since then, I have put a lot of time and practice into figuring out what blues guitar really is, and I have invested a lot of time and practice into figuring out how to play it authentically. By authentically, I mean how to play it in true musical fashion where the player gets to be an expressive artist using rhythm, harmony, and emotion as his or her expressive tools.

The good news, mechanically speaking, is that blues is a very simple music style, and this means that even a complete beginner can simply jump right into-the-game with only a brief introduction. Plus, the even better news is that blues playing can always be improved upon - and this means that musicians can always get deeper into the blues and really hone their musical skills to become even more expressive as artists!

The bottom line, where this post is concerned, is that I now understand clearly what music is which means that I also understand clearly and creatively what it takes to learn it. This means at least two things:

1) Now I realize that I learned to play blues guitar in what was probably the least efficient way possible, which - bottom line - simply took a lot more time and energy than it needed to!

And 2) For the silver lining, now that I am here, I can now help other musicians aim straight for the target in order to save a lot of energy, learn faster and learn with much greater clarity than I did!

Don't get me wrong - I am not complaining. This, learning to play blues guitar, has been a very rewarding and very enjoyable adventure to have in life, and now - because of this adventure - I have a lot of new and exciting ideas for how to continue growing forward!

So, what I am proposing is that beginner and intermediate-level blues players consider taking my four-week mini-course named, Advancing Concepts For Blues Guitar: Beginner - Intermediate. In this course I will guide you through all of the secrets that I know for how to become a complete blues musician. In this mini-course I will be happy to share musical secrets with you in ways that are personalized to both fit and enhance your current playing ability, even if that means starting at the very beginning! In other words, this course is going to be a great way to make sure that all of your practice time really is aimed straight for the target and that you really are reaching full growth-potential with each practice session. This simple formula does make a big difference!

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