Add This 'Super-Power' To Your Jazz, Blues, & Rock Playing!

Hi Everyone!

When it comes to 'becoming more-and-more musical', be certain to understand and master this one musical 'super-power', because doing so really can provide you with an 'instant game-changer'!

Back Story

During a recent group-online-class, we completed a simple exercise to help players get a good feel for different 'rhythmic locations' where musical accents can be created, and the positive results were very inspiring!

'Accent' Defined

When we define and understand a 'musical accent' as a note, or group of notes, that gets highlighted using 'increased volume' and/or highlighted using an 'attention grabbing form of articulation', we then have a super-power-like mechanism that we can use in order to make scales really come alive!

What Accents Do

In other words, the magical moment we begin using scales to 'mark out rhythmic patterns' is also the magical moment that our melodic lines and solos suddenly begin to take shape! 'Rhythms need notes' in order to 'be heard and exist' within the ears of an excited listener, and 'scales need rhythms' in order to take shape, take flight and become truly musical!

An Example

In the following musical example, notice the subtle use of rhythmic accents that are employed in order to give shape, complexity and even more musicality to the otherwise simple scales that are in use. Then, get inspired to make all of your own music making 'even more musical' as you begin to employ this simple, yet powerful concept for yourself!

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