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A Simple Way To Learn, Play and Understand Jazz!

Are you looking for A Simple Way To Learn, Play and Understand Jazz? If this so, this blog post - complete with Jazz Etudes that you can have fun learning - is going to be a great resource for you!

Our First Jazz Etude!

I sat down at the piano, recent to the time of this writing, and wrote a solo for C Jam Blues using a very simple formula that is at least Two Steps Beyond "just using blues scales". Yes, using 'major and minor pentatonic blues scales' can be a great way to play on a jazz tune like C Jam Blues, but in this case I was wanting to explore a 'playing the changes' type of approach instead.

Here, on guitar, you can hear the solo that I wrote. And in just a moment, I will talk about two chords that I added to the basic chord progression in order to add a bit of extra spice!

The Chord Progression!

C Jam Blues is built upon just a basic blues progression in C. However, for the solo, I added two chords to measure number eight in order to justify adding some extra spice to the line!


/F7/F7/C7/DbDim7, D7b9/

/G7/F7/C7 . A7b13, D-7 . G7/

The Sheet Music - Free Download!

The guitar solo that you heard above is an adaptation of what I wrote for piano. This is because the piano has a different range than the guitar. Likewise, I also have an adaption for Trumpet. For now, here is the sheet music / jazz guitar tab for the solo you heard above and I will be back with more!

Jazz Guitar Solo C Jam Blues
Download PDF • 73KB

The Formula!

The formula I used to write the solo for C Jam Blues is very simple, and in concept it does not come from thinking about scales as much as it comes from thinking about chords. I am going to practice this on piano and trumpet for a bit and then come back with more information, more recordings, more sheet music, and eventually more etudes to share!

For Now!

For now, just know that the secret to this very simple jazz approach is contained within the above jazz guitar solo / etude. I recommend that you learn it and stay tuned!

Ask Questions!

Feel free to put any questions you have have in the comments section below, or email me through this site.

Help Learning The Above Jazz Solo For C Jam Blues!

I have been teaching music for about twenty five years, and we can certainly meet for one or more virtual lessons to help you learn the solo and concepts that are contained within. Feel free to email me through this site for more info.

Stay Tuned For More!



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