The New Year's Newsletter!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Greetings All, and Thank You For Another Great Year of Fun and Adventure Together!

Here is what's new, and ongoing:

Our rehearse-and-jam series, that grew out of the old Murphy's Tavern Jam, has been a great platform for us jammers to continue having fun while growing our comping, soloing and band skills. Players are simply getting better and better, and it's an exciting experience! The smaller groups, of three players (along with myself), provide the perfect setting for musical fun, exploration and technical growth to take place (especially in the area of dynamics). This has been a great formula! Let me know if you would like details and/or to have your name added to the email contact list. Currently we are running one to four jams a week!

Back To The Basie! (Starts January 15 for All Levels!)

Speaking of our Rehearse-And-jam Series, we are just about to return to the Count Basie Theatre, again, for another great run of the Count Basie Blues Band! This is a great venue for us to take our rehearse-and-jam skills out to jam with other friends and musicians who love to play blues. Here, we can open up to explore the music in this historic setting where many of the world's greatest musicians have performed - the Basie has a certain vibe, consequently, that is well-worth this fun change of venue! To learn more about this unique musical opportunity, for all experience levels, visit: or Register Now At:

Brookdale - Learn To Play Guitar Series + More!

As we are ushering in a new year, we make our return to Brookdale Community College with group classes for learning how to play the guitar. As you are visiting the Brookdale Website, be sure to check out the following Classes: (website might not be updated at this time)

- Get Going Guitar

- Shortcut Rock & Blues Guitar

- Meditation Series (Relaxation, NLP & Hypnosis)

Unique Learning Opportunity! (For Guitar Players)

I have three new practice pieces, and another one on the way, that are helping students learn how to create and play better guitar solos! With the tablature and step-by-step guidance that is provided along with the fact that each practice piece contains some of the most important-to-learn musical elements (bending, rhythm, phrasing, etc), each student is learning how to move well-beyond previous limitations. Here are three links to check out the practice pieces, and feel free to let me know if you are interested in making use of this approach:

- Blues Solo #1 and #2 Shuffle:

- Blues Solo #2 Funky:

- Blues Solo #3 Slow Blues:

- Gettin' Funky:

- Struttin' With The Blues:

- 25 Rhythm Guitar Concepts For The Blues:

Here's wishing you all another greater and greater year!

Thank you!


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