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- Have Fun

- Be Social

- And Hone Your Skills!


"Sit In"As A Special Guest For Free!

1) Choose a track, from below, to solo over (I will email it to you)

2) Record a solo with the track.

3) Then, send your completed audio file to me and I will be happy to post it on our virtual stage.  You can also create a video response to post in the comments section where our Virtual Jam videos appear on Youtube and Rumble! Click Here To Visit The Virtual Stage!




- Develop & Hone Your Musical Skills

- Record As A Solo Artist

- Collaborate With Other Musicians

- Maximize Your Practice Time

- Create A Powerful Platform For Musical Growth

- Perform On The Virtual Stage (optional)

- And More!


The Time-Honored Secret To

Becoming A Greater Musician Includes The Following:

Record yourself in order to push-for, accomplish and document your absolute best playing. (Your practice time should be invested based upon an accurate evaluation of your best playing, and this is exactly how that is done!)

Then, listen carefully to determine which areas, if any, need improvement. (This part of the process takes guts - welcome to the club!)

This process, especially when done with an instructor, provides  (through accurate measurement) a phenomenal way to take the guess work out of your musical growth.  It is one of the secrets for how to greatly improve your standing as a soloist and greatly increase your overall value as a band member.

Simply Put: Once you can use your own guitar (or another instrument) to record and multi-track a solid bass line, chords and solo into a complete sounding performance, you are then going to have a lot more competence-and-confidence to offer any jam and/or band membership that you are a part of!

With "Nate's Virtual Jam Band" project, I can become your personal guide and help you take steps to bring your music making up to the pro-level platform it needs to achieve measurable success.


Check Out The Sample Recordings Below!


- And Let Me Know Which Track You Would Like To Record With First!


Stay Tuned For More!