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Join Nate's Virtual Jam Band!





1. Listen To The Youtube Sample Recordings (below)!

2. Download The Backing Tracks (below)!

3. Make Your Own Video Recordings

With The Tracks!

4. Post A Link To Your Video Recording(s) In The 'Comments Section' Of Each Corresponding 'Youtube Sample Video', Including 'Nate's Blues-&-Rock Sampler'!

5. Have Fun Sharing And Connecting

With Other Players!


Red Guitar.png

1. Texas Shuffle in G!

2. Funky in C!

3. Shuffle in C!

4. The Thrill Is Gone in B minor!

5. Octave Shuffle in A!

6. Slow Blues in A!

7. Pride And Joy in E!

8. Chitlins Con Carne in C!

9. Staccato Shuffle in D!

10. Killing Floor in A!

11. Havana Jam in G minor!

12. Knocking On Heaven's Door in G!

13. No Woman No Cry in C!

14. Shuffle Vamp in E!

15. Smoke On The Water in G minor!

Have Fun!

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