Beginner Two-Handed Bowling Course!

    Some time ago I decided that I would love to learn how to bowl two-handed like Jason Belmonte. Simply put, I saw Jason Belmonte for the first time on an episode of Dude Perfect and became inspired to see if I could learn how to make ten-pin bowling strikes like the two-handed master!


1) Here, in this video, is one of the first moments when I realized just how much fun it really is to turn on the revs and make those bowling pins fly using the two-handed bowling technique!

Before making this shot, however, I spent quite a long time just trying to learn, understand and be able execute a basic two-handed bowling technique, and doing this on my own was definitely a fun challenge! Once I learned how to make this shot, I felt as though something was still was missing from my technique. This inspired me to continue exploring the possibilities!


2) The following shot in this video reflects some of the important adjustments that I made.

More To Learn

At this point in my two-handed bowling adventure I had invested approximately a year-and-a-half worth of fun practice, practice, practice, including a lot of unique bowling exercises that I was doing at home as well. All of this added up to a pretty decent two-handed bowling technique, but there was still much more to do if I was ever going to actually become a decent bowler (as measured by consistency and score)!


This meant that the next step was mostly going to involve actually "learning how to bowl" in terms of aiming, reading oil patterns, managing launch points, launch angles, rev rates, axis tilts, specific bowling ball choices, specific bowling ball layouts, etc. I had been pushing pretty hard for a long time and I think that summer was upon us so I decided to step back for a bit, give it a rest and come back if-and-when the time was right.


My Top Scores So Far and Why They Doesn't Matter

Speaking of aiming, my two top scores, thus far, are 241 and 247. I can say that it really was a lot of fun getting nine out of twelve possible strikes, but the truth is that both top scores occurred on "house patterns" the are designed specifically to help funnel the ball into the pocket. In this way, those scores do not mean that I am in any way a good bowler as far as consistency is concerned, but I am a pretty good bowler (one could say) in terms of just having fun regardless of what the score does or does not say!


3) Recent Revelations!

Recently, I became inspired once again to bowl a few games and have the fun of seeing "what comes of it". As one might imagine, there was definitely a bit of rust to clear, but as a result I have made exciting new discoveries that are going to make it even more fun to get out to the lanes and knock down some pins! I do not have a video to demonstrate yet, I still need to practice, but this newest set of breakthroughs is based upon refinements that now promise even more clarity, simplicity, accuracy, adaptivity, speed, and power! Stay tuned for more on this simpler-and-easier way to bowl two-handed like Jason Belmonte!


4) Beginner Two-Handed Bowling Course!

So, for a quick recap, we have established that (to date) I have been more interested in developing technique and having fun than focused on getting high scores. This means that you probably do not want me to be on your bowling team! However, you might be someone who is interested in learning how to bowl two-handed, and that might be something I can help you with!


I have decided to make a series of instructional videos for how to develop the two-handed bowling technique that I have been working on, the one that is inspired by the master bowler, Jason Belmonte.


You might already be aware that I have two instructional videos on Youtube (one right-handed edition and one left-handed edition) that provide an overview of what is taking place (I will include both links below for you to explore). However, what I plan to share on my membership site, as a Beginner Two-Handed Bowling Course, is going to be broken down into much more detail and include the new (game-changing) revelations that I am now working on. I am soon ready to assemble this course and make it available on my membership site...


If you would like to receive an email invite once this course if up and ready, feel free to send me a request at!

Right-Handed Edition!

Left-Handed Edition!