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Welcome To Nate's Jazz Guitar Site!





Once Inside, You Are Going To Have Full-Access To A Growing List Of:

- Jazz Solos Recorded At Full-Tempo & At Slow Tempo For Easier Learning!

- Guitar Tab & Standard Notation For Each Solo!

 An Analysis Of Each Solo To Help You Learn A Simple Formula For Making Great Jazz Lines!

- Jazz Backing Tracks To Help You Practice And Compose With All That You Are Learning!

- And More!

- Plus, With Your Membership, You Are Also Going To Have Full-Access To The Other Sites Here At!


Check Out Our Current Vehicles For Learning Jazz Guitar Lines (see below).  Then You Can Become A Site Member and Access All That You Need To Begin Learning This Simple Formula For Yourself!


Photo on 11-21-13 at 8.19 PM #3 2.jpg

Jazz Guitar: Episode One! 


Jazz Lines Over A Common


Chord Progression!

Jazz Guitar: Episode Two! 


Jazz Lines Over A Common


Chord Progression!

Jazz Guitar: Jazz One! 


Here Is A Fun Tune That You Can Use To Lead Right Into The Solo From Episode Two!

Jazz Guitar: Episode Three! 


Jazz Lines Over A Bb Blues Progression!

If you Love Jazz and You Want To Transform Your Jazz Guitar Playing Into A Fun-&-Rewarding Adventure, Jump-Right-In and Get Ready For Much More To Come!

Click Here For

Jazz Backing Tracks!

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