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Nate's Blues Guitar Site!


I was Blown Away By The Blues at the age of twenty and every since, it has been a truly Great Adventure... Now, I finally have A Blues Guitar Membership Site to help others get into this great adventure and Learn How To Play Blues Guitar as quickly and as thoroughly as possible!  This unique site is where I have begun to share, in a natural "Learn By Doing" fashion, every pro-level trick-of-the-trade that I have learned, so far, over almost thirty years of learning, performing and teaching!  So, I Invite You To Get Onboard and Get Started On The Blues!


 Become A Member and Enjoy:

- Guitar Tab, Standard Notation & Demo Videos!

- Licks, Solos, Accompaniment, & Exercises!


- Full-Tempo, Slow-Tempo & Up-Close Video Recordings!


- Straight-For-The-Target Lesson Material To Focus Your Practice Time & Improve Your Playing!

- And More!

1) On my Member-Site, students have Direct Access to Guitar-Tab and Slowed-Down-Video for Learnable Blues Solos like the one below including Pro Sounding Solos that are Even Easier To Learn and Play!

2) As a member you are going to have direct access to everything the developing player needs in order to Remain Focused On Elements Of Blues Guitar That Really Hit The Target and make a great player!  (see growing list below)

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3) Blues players break down into two basic categories.  Some are happy being proficient with the kinds of licks and solos that you are going to find on this site - and I don't blame them, it's a very rewarding way to make music.  Others, in addition to playing licks and composed solos, want to improvise / create more on the spot - and again, I agree that this too is a highly-rewarding way to play! 


With that said, the video below demonstrates, for both types of players, one of the ultimate goals that a music maker has, which is to hear how your particular part fits in with the rest of the band, so much so that performing with others can then become a great musical conversation.  In the exercise below, we have this conversation with ourselves in preparation to experience the real thing with other band members.  One of my goals on this site, in online-group-blues-guitar-lessons and in private-blues-guitar-lessons,  is to help those who are ready, even if starting at the very beginning, to really go for and achieve, as much as possible, this level of play!  Check it out...




And 4) Most of my students, through the years, have benefited the most from:

A] Being "walked through" licks and solos in order to learn blues material even more quickly, thoroughly and completely

And B] Receiving helpful feedback and guidance in relationship to their progress along the way.

If this describes your own preference for learning and making progress, you are not alone.  This is why I book online-group-blues-guitar lessons (currently) on Monday and Wednesday evenings (EST / EDT) - plus, I offer private lessons (online) in order to reinforce the blues material you are going to find on Nate's Blues Guitar Site!


Here Is The Page Where One Can Choose A Membership Plan and Get Started! 


One More Blues Sample, Just For Fun!

Plus, A Jazz-Guitar-Section Is Included!

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