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Small Group Jam Sessions, With No More Than Three Jammers, Are Booking Now For Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays!








I play keyboard or bass guitar along with drum tracks and provide vocals to create a fun blues jam environment for all to enjoy!  Beginners are welcome and encouraged!

To Prep & Practice For An Upcoming Jam Session, Be Sure To Check Out My Free Backing Tracks!  See Button Below)!

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Back Story!

I have worked as a professional blues guitarist in the past, and while it is possible that I may do so again in the future, right now I am happy to step back from the role of guitarist and in into the role of 'rhythm section'. In this way, other players, especially beginner and intermediate level players, can jump into some fun blues jamming!  And, if needed, I am happy to offer some helpful hints, along the way, for how we can all work together to make a great ensemble!  Below, for further reference, is a sample of my blues-&-rock lead guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboard, and bass playing. Just let me know if you might like join one of our groups!

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