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Guitar Instruction

Music lessons 


- I specialize in helping complete beginners build the musical foundation they need to get right into playing their favorite styles of music.


- I also specialize in helping more advanced, especially self-taught, guitarists develop rhythmic, harmonic and melodic essentials that are commonly overlooked and/or misunderstood. 


- So many people don't yet know how great it's going to feel to pick up an instrument, launch a new adventure in life and learn to play with music!  This is one of the biggest reasons why I love teaching and sharing the simple secrets that really do make it possible to have this experience!

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Acoustic Guitar Lessons - For Beginners
Rock & Blues Guitar Lessons - For Beginners

Blues Etudes

For Study and Practice


Blues Solo #1 and 2: Shuffle

Blues Solo #2 Funky

Blues Solo #2 Shuffle

Blues Solo #3: Slow Blues

Gettin' Funky

Struttin' With The Blues

25 Rhythm Guitar Ideas 4 Blues

This blues etude series provides a fun platform for learning the inside tricks (notes, rhythms, bending, and other techniques) as I walk students through each musical phrase in order to make sure they learn all of the most important lessons along the way!

Need Help With Tuning?  Click Below!

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