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Chillin' With The Blues!

This recent jazz composition is the first in a new series since uncovering a simpler, easier and even more rewarding-to-learn jazz guitar system.  In simple terms, this system essentially unlocks the secret to enjoying a more successful - intuitive, relaxed, creative, fun - approach to jazz playing!  Stay tuned for more material like this!

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C Jam Blues!

C Jam Blues provides a great exploration of 'how to jazz-up a standard 12-bar blues'!  During the head-arrangement (main theme) notice the use of altered chords to create movement around the simple, two-note chord melody.  Also, during the solo section, be sure to study the well-blended use of C Dorian Mode, various Diminished Arpeggios, C Minor Pentatonic, and the Chromatic scale.  Notice how this very-simple-formula blend of 'scales and arpeggios' works like magic to make this composition sound a lot more like a 'jazz composition' than a 'standard blues'!


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Includes Guitar-Tab for 'Head-Arrangement & Solo'  Plus, Up-Close & Slow-Tempo Video To Make Learning Easier!


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C Jam Blues: Head Arrangement!

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