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What It Is!

Nate's Full-Potential Project provides a unique 'Reading-&-Discussion Forum' for all who plan to 'break-free' and 'actively go for' full-potential in life!


More Info!

Currently our 'Full-Potential Forum' has more than 100 'Life-Changing-Topics', authored by Nate Fegan, that are now 'posted and ready' to 'read and discuss'!


This is your 'positive inspiration' and your 'positive motivation' community that is going to help us all 'stay on track' with 'clean-and-clear intentions' to 'actively go for' and 'actively achieve' full-potential in life!


The Hypnotic Effect!

To get a better feel for the kinds of posts* you are going to experience, first I invite you to take a very good look at the following selection.  *Notice that this selection has a 'hypnotic-deep-learning component' that has been designed to help activate 'truly-positive' resources just waiting to be discovered deep within the reader's brain. 


Hypnotic Benefits!

In this way, this collection of 'more-than 100 posts' aims to have both 'conscious and unconscious' levels of our brains 'working in harmony' to promote-and-enjoy greater health, happiness, success, true love-for-life, and much more!

Sample Post #1!


Formula To Achieve 'True Happiness & Success' :)


Once we begin to form Positive Narratives about 'past, present and future' elements of our lives, we then - simply by natural design - begin to experience Positive Attitudes about the 'past, present and greatly-imagined future'. This leads us, just as naturally, to generate more-and-more Positive Intentions which then propels us even further to produce-experience-and-enjoy more-and-more Positive Actions in life. Ultimately, this natural approach to actively 'generate positive actions' in life has great power to create the True Happiness and create the True Success that we all truly want!  And we really can begin to enjoy doing this even now within this very moment!

Now, here is another selection to help you continue getting a better-and-better feel for the kinds of posts you are about to experience: 

Sample Post #2


The 'Greater-Than' Direction In Life :)

Are you someone who is determined now to 'make wise choices' that really are going to 'have you moving' more-and-more naturally into the 'greater-than' direction in life?

Or, instead, are you not yet determined to choose the greater-than path, each time you are faced with this natural choice of opposites, so that then you really can 'propel yourself' and really can 'propel your life', more and more, into the greater-and-greater-than direction?

In many moments throughout each day, we are faced with a simple 'choice of opposites'. One choice is going to take us 'into the greater-than direction' and the other choice simply is not. For example: someone who has 'physical fitness goals' 'fresh in mind' might ask the following question. Should I eat a big meal right now that would keep me from enjoying my 'exercise time' in one hour, or should I eat a smaller meal that is going to allow me to achieve the 'even greater satisfaction' that comes along with sticking to my greater-than-plan?

This is a simple metric that we can enjoy and be successful while applying each day. Imagine how much more momentum we going to enjoy the moment we begin now to channel more-and-more decisions into the 'greater-than direction' of our greater-and-greater lives! :)

Benefiting From The Posts!

Some posts are quite short-and-sweet, while others like the ones above, are just a bit longer.  In all cases, each post (along with its comments) brings a sense of community, strength, guidance, inspiration, motivation, and support  to our 'clean-and-clear intentions' to 'actively go for' and 'actively achieve' full-potential in life!

Becoming A Valued Member :)


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And here, 'before you join our community', is one more selection to enjoy!

Sample Post #3!


The Coin Of Life :)

One kind of fool is looking only at the 'negative side' while suffering because they are not considering that the opposite side exists.


Another kind of fool is looking only at the 'positive side' while suffering because they are not considering that an opposite side exists.


Still, another kind of fool is 'seeing both sides' and feeling distraught because they don't know what to do with knowledge that both sides exist. They are thinking, "I just can't enjoy feeling positive while knowing that negativity exists."


Then, there are those who 'know and accept wisely' that both the 'negative side' and the 'positive side' do in fact exist. With full acceptance of this mechanically-sound knowledge, they become willing-and-able to 'take both sides into consideration' and this is what leads naturally to being 'well-informed enough to make wise decisions' in life. After that, they really can choose in a 'wise and in a well-informed' manner to spend a bulk of their time and energy on the 'positive side' of life! This, evaluating both the positive and negative sides of each equation in order to 'make wise and well-informed decisions', is how we keep the 'positive momentum' going and growing forward, even when we do have working knowledge that the negative side exists! Now is a great time to become, more-than-ever-before, a wise and well-informed decision making machine! :)

Join The Conversation :)


If You Are Reading This,

You Are Invited To

Join Our Community!

Your 'One Year' Fee To Join

Is Currently Just $12.23!

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Here Is Hoping That You Are Going To Enjoy

'Joining Our Full-Potential Community' Now, and

Here Is Wishing For You To Feel Great Inside-&-Out Now and Here Is Wishing For You To Enjoy 'Your Greater-&-Greater Day', Either Way! :)

I Look Forward To Seeing You Inside The 'Reading-And-Discussion Forum'!



Nate Fegan

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